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    What To Expect When You’re Expecting – A Man’s Guide

    When it comes to pregnancy, us guys have it pretty easy. Women have to go through weight gain, stretch marks, morning sickness and then after all that, push out a tiny human from their baby making passage. That’s tough work! However, it’s not always plain sailing for the guy either. There are many physical and emotional obstacles that we have to overcome along the way. Some obstacles that I personally didn’t even know existed until I was thrust into the pregnancy game. Here are a few examples of the challenges I have faced so far… 1. Lack of sleep This is the one that is going to affect you the…

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    We’re Pregnant!

    There is one scenario that every guy is terrified of, the time where time stands still and emotions hit the roof! Yes, I’m talking about the day that you realise that you’ve created another life. Just a Normal Day I had gone round to Amy’s house just like I would any other day, we spent the evening doing a lot of nothing, lounging around watching crap on TV. Little did I know that this night was going to change my life completely. Amy has always done regular pregnancy tests, just because of the medication that she takes, so I was not worried when she took her regular pee stick to the…

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    How To Keep The Spark in a Long Term Relationship

    It is a common complaint for both men and women that after a certain amount of time, their relationships turn stale. Why this happens is a mystery. The spark that was there at the beginning of the relationship is gone and replaced by a dark cloud of nagging, moodiness and constant insults. I’m definitely no relationship expert, very far from it, but there are a few tips I can give to get that ‘va va voom’ back into your love life. 1. Communicate It may seem like an obvious point to make, but get your face out of your phone screen and talk to your partner! I’ve taken Amy out…

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    Welcome To Crazytown

    So far, I have painted my relationship with Amy to be all rainbows and sunshine, but there is another side to our relationship which not many people get to see. It’s the side where Amy does the most craziest things ever! Things that most normal people would never even think to do. It’s time to prove to everybody why I gave my blog the name ‘My girlfriend is crazy!’ She might kill for me it, but hey she can’t do any more crazy shit than what she already does so why not. 1. Hide and Seek So one of Amy’s favourite pastimes is to hide my phone whenever I leave…

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    By The Way… I’m Leaving You for 3 Months

    There’s Something You Should Know My relationship with Amy was still in the early stages. Already I was about to break some news to her that potentially could put a giant spanner in the works. As I mentioned in a previous post, I was very close to putting a hold on my dating life, as there was no sign of any romance with anybody. I made a decision that would have a major impact on my future. I decided that I was going to take a 3 month volunteering trip to the other side of the world. Little did I know at the time that I was later going to…

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    Nice to meet you, I’m dating your daughter

    Under Pressure If any guy wants to experience real pressure, then go round and meet your girlfriends parents for the first time. There will never be a more pressurised moment than this, as this first impression will last for the rest of your relationship. A wrong move could result in a kick to the curb and the end of the relationship. However, if they liked me, I could have a second family. I might be calling them mum and dad some day. Maybe I was thinking a little bit too far ahead. It doesn’t matter how lovely your girlfriend is, or how lovely she tells you her family is, meeting the…

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    Help! I have a date!

    First Date Jitters First dates can either be the most exciting and exhilarating time of a young person’s life, or the most terrifying. Unfortunately for me, I fall into the second option. Before you can even start to think about what you are going to do on a first date, your potential dating partner needs to actually agree to come. I mean, a first date sat there by yourself would be so much easier, but not much fun. With Amy, I decided the best way to ask her was just to drop it casually into conversation. I think i deserve a round of applause for my smoothness there. Now that…

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    Online Dating…Trying to find a needle in the worlds largest haystack

    How do you even date these days? The world of dating can be a tricky one, especially if like me, socialising does not come naturally. The nerves take over and the thought of trying to impress a girl with witty conversation and humour makes my knees shake and my stomach do somersaults. Females are like a different species, and require years of studying and research to understand. Even then, they can still surprise you.  I mean, how do you even chat up a girl these days? Do you come up with a cheesy chat up line with the intention of making them laugh… Did you sit in a pile of…