• planning a wedding

    How To Plan a Wedding – A Man’s Guide

    This is a topic that I did not think I would be blogging on this early in my life. Planning a wedding. That’s real grown up business! Now if you’ve clicked on this blog to gain some valuable information about exactly how to plan a wedding then you may be disappointed. If you’ve clicked on here to hear about a grown man aimlessly making decisions that will later be overruled then this is the place for you! When I proposed to Amy, I didn’t really think about what was to follow. Obviously I knew that I wanted to marry her, but the thought of actually planning a real life wedding…

  • working with children

    Working With Children- The Truth

    “Working with children is just playing and colouring in”. This is the commonly used description of what working with children is like. The reality, I can confirm, couldn’t be more different. If you want a nice, easy, stress free job full of smiling faces and happy staff then you really need to go and work as a lollipop lady because working with large groups of children is actually quite challenging. Forget brain surgeons and rocket scientists, this is the job that will send you over the edge of your sanity. Roles of a childcare professional As a childcare professional, you need to be prepared to take on multiple roles. Some…

  • how to propose
    Relationships,  Wedding

    A Unique Proposal

    Do you ever sit there and think…how can I propose to my girlfriend and make myself feel as uncomfortable as possible? No? I didn’t think so, that’s just me then. This event happened a long time ago now, all the way back in May, but I’ve never got round to sharing my story, until now. When I decided that I was going to propose to Amy, I wanted it to be memorable. Something that people would remember for years to come. If you aren’t much of a reader and would prefer to just watch what happened then you are in luck, because the full video can be found on YouTube.…

  • Fatherhood

    Help! My Baby Has Gone!

    My baby has disappeared. Gone. Never to be seen again. I miss the little guy, his tiny little feet, his little button nose. I remember the days when he would curl up on my chest and sleep for hours and hours without even a stir. If you’re reading this and suddenly starting panicking, you can relax. I haven’t managed to leave him sat in an ASDA shopping trolley just yet. Austin is safe and well, and asleep in his bed. The sleep part won’t last long mind. I’m actually referring to the fact that my son is no longer a little baby, but a little boy! An actual real life,…

  • single parenting

    My Week as a Single Parent

    Recently I learnt the challenges of single parenting. No Amy hasn’t traded me in for a younger and slightly less tired model. Not yet anyway. I’ve recently put a ring on her finger so there’s no chance of that now. Smart I know! Part of Amy’s job as a prison officer means that every 16 weeks she works a week of night shifts. This would strike the fear into any Dad. Men cannot survive without a woman there to tell them exactly what to do and when to do it. When we are younger it’s the job of our mothers. Then when you get older you seek out a wife…