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Thank you to Sadie over at Life With The Woodheads for tagging me in this very fun activity where I will be looking back at 2018.

Here’s how it works…

  • Your Favourite 7 Posts from 2018. They can be any posts at all that you are proud of.
  • 7 Things You Loved The Most About 2018. Whether you visited somewhere, or just had one of those moments you will never forget, if you loved it, list it!
  • 7 Things You Are Looking Forward to in 2019. Whether those plans are set in stone or you something you would like to do this year, share with us.
  • Tag 7 Bloggers to Take Part. Share the love and tag 7 others who would like to take part.
  • Say Thanks. Link back to the person who tagged you and/or myself so people know where to find the tag to join in too.


My Favourite 7 Posts from 2018

  1. 10 Hopes I Have For My Child’s Future – This is a post that really came from the heart. I want many things for my son. Happiness. Success. Love. All of these things, amongst others, which will provide him with a happy life. What else can we ask for as parents?

2. Our Trip To Mallorca – This was a fun post to write as we had just come back from our first ever holiday as a family. We came home more exhausted than when we went. Holidaying with a one year old is tiresome work.

3. Austin’s One Year Review – Austin turned one in September and I decided to write about his milestones. I can’t believe that I am the father to a one year old. It’s been a crazy year, but one that I will never forget.

4. A Unique Proposal – I proposed to my (then) girlfriend Amy at Austin’s Christening. I wrote about the fun experience of going to buy the ring. I also wrote about the day itself and how I came to getting down on one knee.

5. Austin’s A and E Scare – This one wouldn’t be classed as a favourite of mine. It is a post that came with a lot of sadness. However, I have included it as it is a story that I wanted to tell, and to make other parents aware of.

6. Working With Children – The Truth – I have been working in a nursery for nearly 2 years now. Many people have a misconception of what it’s like to work with children. In this post I have uncovered all of childcare’s disgusting secrets.

7. Blogmas Day Nineteen – A Recap of 2018 – on the 19th December I recapped all of the main events that happened in 2018. It was a fun packed year with plenty of highs and many lows.



7 Things I Loved About 2018

Raising my son

Being a Dad is something that is so important to me. 2018 was my first full year as a father. I enjoyed every second of it. It’s had its challenges and it’s been difficult. I wouldn’t have changed anything though. Austin gives my life meaning and everything I do now is for him.


Proposing to Amy

November 2018 marked 3 years that Amy and I had been together. In May I decided that it was time to ask her to be my wife. I couldn’t get through adult life without her. Amy keeps me sane and looks after me better than I can look after myself. I hope to be the best husband that I can be, as I know she will make the best wife I could ever ask for.


First family holiday

In September we managed to go on our first family holiday to Mallorca. We all had a great time, and had a whole week to spend as a family. It was nice to get away from the usual daily routine. It was a well needed rest and one that allowed us to come back refreshed.


Blogmas 2018

In December I took part in Blogmas. Posting every single day in December was tough, but one that I enjoyed. I was proud of myself for making it to the end, as I was juggling a full time job, parenting a one year old and getting prepared for Christmas.

Buying our first house

It’s true what they say…buying your first house really is the most stressful thing you will ever do. After living in a ground floor apartment, we were ready to move. As a first time buyer, the whole process of buying a house was completely new to me. We are so happy to be in our first family home now and we can look forward to making lots of memories here.

Sponsored walk for my Dad

My Dad passed away from Cancer in 2017, and a year later my family and I decided to raise money for Cancer Research. We walked for 11 miles raising over a thousand pounds. It was an emotional day but one that we are all very proud of. We plan to raise more money this year too. This time, Austin will be walking with us.

Austin becoming a Tot

Austin has been coming to the nursery that I work at for some time now. Recently he moved up from the baby room to the Tots room. This was scary at first, as it was a reminder of just how grown up he is getting. He fits in perfectly though and has settled in well so far.


7 Things I Am Looking Forward To In 2019

1. Enjoying the new house

Now that we have moved into the house, it’s time to enjoy it! In 2019 we will be transforming these walls into the home that we want. Shaping it into a family home. Somewhere that we feel comfortable and happy.

2. Starting a new career

My plan for this year is to start up my own business. There’s something very appealing about working for myself. I want to start up a childminding service which I hope will take off and provide me with a new career. If it doesn’t work out, then at least I can say that I tried.

3. Growing my blog

I have only recently realised how bad my blog actually is. There is so much that I had no clue about. SEO is something that I have only just learnt about. I have also only realised how much I have been neglecting social media platforms such as Pinterest, which has provided so many bloggers with success. In 2019 I want to grow my blog and transform it to a standard that I am happy with.

4. Planning more of the wedding

We have booked the wedding for the 20th June 2020. A lot of the planning has been done already, but there will be more to organise. I have suits to buy, and rings to pick out. There is plenty to look forward to on the wedding front this year, and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

5. Watching Austin grow

Austin has been growing up at an alarming speed. Every day he is overcoming new challenges and surprising us with new words. I’m looking forward to seeing what else Austin can achieve in 2019. Hopefully his ability to walk is a close accomplishment. We are so close now!

6. Time to be a couple

Amy and  I have recently struggled to connect, mainly down to the stress of buying a house. It’s been too long since we last spent quality time just the two of us. We have a pre-paid night away booked soon which will allow us to spend time as a couple without any distractions. In the coming months though we have agreed to make more effort to make more time for each other.

7. Spending Christmas in the new house

The Christmas just gone was spent with Amy working in the morning, and us out and about. This year, not that we have our own house, we plan to have everyone round here for Christmas dinner. It will be our first one in the house which is going to be so special. Austin will be 2 by then so will have more of an understanding of what Christmas is all about. It will be a Christmas to remember.


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Thank you again to Sadie for tagging me. I look forward to seeing everyone’s answers!




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