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Blogmas Day Nineteen: A Recap of 2018

Yesterday I shared some pictures of my favourite decorated houses in my area which you can see here!


In today’s post I am going to be looking back on everything that happened this year, and there has been a lot. So many memories that have been life changing both in a positive and negative way. I’m ready to dive back into my memory to look back on a truly unforgettable year!


April – Family Wedding In Cornwall

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The first real significant event in 2018 didn’t take place until April. It was the wedding of two people, who I already class as family, coming together to tie the knot. It was such an amazing wedding, making so many memories that will last forever. Getting there was an experience in itself however. The wedding was taking place down in Cornwall, which is very far away from where we live. This meant experiencing the dreaded long distance drive with a baby. Austin was only 7 months old at the time, and had very little patience for hours and hours strapped into a car seat. There were tears, tantrums and pleading for the journey to be over, and that was just the adults in the car.

Austin looked adorable on the day, and was so well behaved during the ceremony. He was wrapped up in a blanket and didn’t make a sound whilst the vows were being read. I was proud of him, and also extremely relieved that his shouting hadn’t taken centre stage.


May – Sponsored Walk

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The month of May was an emotional one. As many people know, my Dad passed away from Cancer in May the previous year, and as a family we felt like we needed to give something back to all of the amazing care that my Dad received whilst he was ill. We created a JustGiving page and managed to raise just over £1000 for Cancer Research which was an amazing amount of money.

We planned to walk 11 and a half miles which ended up taking us all day to achieve. By the time that we had finished we were exhausted, but it was completely worth it. I even managed to film a video of the event and posted it to YouTube which you can watch here if it interests you…

If you haven’t heard, we are planning on taking part in another sponsored walk next year around the same time. This time, little Austin is going to be walking part of the way. He wasn’t fortunate enough to meet his Grandad, so this will be another emotional day. If you would like to donate something towards our second outing, you can find the link here!


May – Christening/Proposal

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If the sponsored walk wasn’t enough emotional trauma for one month, then Austin’s Christening a week later certainly was. Austin was christened in a local church with all of his friends and family around him. It was a special moment. He cried when the vicar dunked his head in the water (as all babies do), but was very happy for everyone’s attention for a day.

Not only did Austin get christened on this day, but I also thought it would be a great idea to propose to Amy that very afternoon. I’d had it all planned out for months. I waited until we were at the social club afterwards, family and friends gathered round, after a few drinks. Absolutely nothing could go wrong with that plan. It went relatively smoothly considering I was involved, however I was so nervous that half of the spectators had gone home by the time I’d built up enough courage to actually go ahead and do it. Just like the sponsored walk, I also captured this memory in the form of a video, which you can watch here! 

I am happy to announce that Amy did say yes! We are now in the process of planning our wedding, which will be taking place in June 2020.


July – Family Member Down

July was a truly awful month. Considering it is my birthday month, I usually enjoy July. This year however, it could not have gone any worse. It started with the passing away of our family dog, Trixie. She had been suffering with her back legs for some time, and she had reached a point where she couldn’t take the pain anymore, and so the horrible decision of letting her go was made. I still miss her like crazy. I miss turning up at home and her be there to greet me with her wagging tail. She had a long and exciting life, but she has left a huge hole in our family’s lives.

July – Austin’s Time In Hospital

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The month was made even worse when Austin fell seriously ill and was rushed to hospital in the back of an ambulance. Without doubt the scariest moment I have ever experienced. I felt completely useless and guilty that I couldn’t instantly make him better. A chest infection had turned into pneumonia which had completely wiped him out. We spent just short of a week in hospital by his bedside. At one point he was given oxygen to help him breathe, which would make any parent hysterical. We were no different. Seeing tubes on his face was heartbreaking. Thankfully he was eventually allowed to come home, and we have been smothering him with affection ever since!


September – First Family Holiday

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September was a lot more cheerful. We managed to go on our first ever holiday as a family the day after Austin’s first birthday. Not a bad birthday present! We had such a lovely time in Spain, even though it was a struggle trying to relax by the pool with a screaming one year old. Not quite so relaxing. Austin had the time of his life though, and even managed to bag his first ever girlfriend. A thirty odd year old waitress who was completely smitten with him. Yes, my son is cooler than his Daddy already. It didn’t really take much.


December – House Hunting

December has not so much been about Christmas this year, but about buying our first house. I have never experienced anything quite so stressful in my whole life, but the process is now nearly complete, and by the 5th January, hopefully we will have moved in and be living in our new home.

Not only was there the stress of trying to finalise the move to this house, but the added pressure of our new landlord’s handing us a notice telling us they would like us out of our current home before Christmas! Talk about terrible timing! We were mortified. Thankfully, they have allowed us to stay in our apartment just until we can move into our new house. For a while, we really were coming to terms with the idea that we would be homeless at Christmas. A horrible thought for any young family with a small child.


As you have heard, 2018 has been another whirlwind of a year, and one that has brought so much happiness, yet so much misery. I dread to think what 2019 will bring. Hopefully a few more happy memories. We are surely due some good luck. A fresh start in a new house, with a beautiful little boy, and a wedding to continue to plan. What could possibly go wrong?

I’d love to hear about what you got up to in 2018 and what your best and worst memories are.

my 2018

In tomorrow’s post I will be sharing some of my goals for the new year.


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