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Blogmas Day Twenty-Three: Blogmas Post Ideas

In yesterday’s post I shared with you some of my favourite Blogmas posts that I’ve read over the past month. Take a look here!

Today I am going to be giving a list of different Blogmas ideas that you can use for next year. It took me a long time to write up my list for this year, with plenty of help from other bloggers and from different social media’s. Hopefully this list inspires other bloggers to take part in Blogmas.


Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. Introduction to Blogmas
  2. December Goals
  3. What to buy for Secret Santa
  4. Elf on the Shelf ideas
  5. Last Christmas
  6. Meeting Santa
  7. Christmas themed activities for toddlers
  8. What I love/hate about winter
  9. A recap of the year
  10. New years resolutions
  11. Gift ideas for her
  12. Gift ideas for him
  13. My Christmas past – (photos of previous Christmases)
  14. Christmas Questions – Interviewing other bloggers about their Christmas traditions
  15. Christmas plans this year
  16. Favourite Christmas recipes
  17. Christmas shopping
  18. My Blogmas experience
  19. Where I want my blog to go next year
  20. The perfect Christmas dinner
  21. Last minute presents ideas
  22. Favourite ever presents given/received
  23. Most bizarre presents I’ve received
  24. The best places to visit over the Christmas period
  25. Christmas markets with a Toddler
  26. Gift Ideas for Kids
  27. Best Christmas decorations in my area
  28. My favourite Blogmas posts I have read
  29. How I spend Christmas Eve
  30. Boxing Day plans

Hopefully you have enough to go off there to make a start on writing your own Blogmas posts. Good Luck!

blogmas post ideas

Keep your eye out for tomorrows Christmas Eve post which will be all about the traditional family meal at the Little Manor.


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