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Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Fifteen: Bullet Journal

Yesterday I wrote about decorating my Christmas tree.


Today I will be veering away from the Christmas theme, just for one day. I recently decided that it was time to get my life on track. My organisational skills have often been lacking and my busy daily schedule can mean that my blog suffers from it. I’m sure every blogger has experienced the feeling of not having enough hours in the day to get everything done. There’s so much that needs doing. From promoting posts on social media, to writing your content, there’s so much that goes into blogging. I decided that it was time to take action. So I bought myself a Bullet Journal after it was recommended to me by a few fellow bloggers.

I’ve never really been one for writing journals, I’m more of a ‘in the moment’ kind of writer. I think of something and I just start writing, without any sort of planning or structure. I decided though, that for my blog to grow and succeed I would need to start taking it more seriously. The Bullet Journal’s come in different colours, and with different ways of writing. You can choose to buy one with lines, one with blank pages or ones with dots. I chose to buy a dotted journal which will allow me to create tables and draw out my plans, rather than just writing on lines.

There are so many YouTube videos showing you how best to use your Bullet Journal. It really is a blogger’s playground, as you can include anything that you want. The pages that I am going to write will be personal to me and may give me a fighting chance of having some structure to my writing. Firstly, I am going to include a page dedicated to my initial blog post ideas. I often find myself struggling to think up ideas to write about. So having a page to look back on with potential post titles will hopefully give me the inspiration that I need.

Another page that I plan to include is a ‘Blog Post Schedule Page’. I can make a checklist of what I have completed within each blog post. For example, I will be able to tick off when a post has the written content completed. Or whether it has pictures. I also want to have a page that will have more of a detailed plan of how I am going to write each blog post. I usually just write as I am thinking, and there’s rarely any planning or structure to my work. Hopefully with some bullet points and subheadings to work from, my content might start to take more shape.

I may also be a good idea to include a page that allows me to plan my daily, monthly and yearly jobs to do. These will include promoting my posts on social media, scheduling my tweets on Twitter and hitting the targets that I have set. Creating a checklist will allow me to tick off what I have done and organise what I still need to do each day.

Once I have mastered how to fully utilise my Bullet Journal I may write a follow up blog post with a more detailed walk through of how to do it. Keep your eye out for that in the new year. If not, then look out for the post explaining how I crashed and burned and threw my journal out of the window.

If you are interested in buying your own Bullet Journal, I bought mine from Amazon for £11.95.

Let me know if you use a Bullet Journal and what pages you have included. Or if you have a different way of organising yourself.

bullet journal

For tomorrow’s post I plan to give the parents out there a few gift ideas for your toddlers.





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