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Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Eighteen: The Best Christmas Lights In My Area

In yesterday’s blogmas post I interviewed one of my best friends and fellow blogger Catherine with some Christmas themed questions.

Today I want to share with you some of the amazing decorations that I’ve come across when I’ve been out and about in the area that I live in. It’s great to see so many people putting in real effort to make their houses look so magical. I have to credit these people. It’s not something that I would ever be capable of. I mean, think of the electricity bill! I’m going to be counting down my top 5 favourite decorated houses.


christmas lightsThis picture really doesn’t do the house justice. There’s only so long you can stand outside somebody’s house with a camera though. These residents went to some real effort putting lights all down the side of the house and lighting the house up with a light up snowman on the doorstep. This house really caught my eye because of the sheer brightness of it.



christmas lights

Again the picture doesn’t really show off the house here. This one was really nicely lit up with fairy lights and light up decorations. It’s hard to see but on the wall of the house it had a flashing message which read “SANTA PLEASE STOP HERE!” which was a nice touch. This house was one of many on the same street that were clearly in competition with each other to have the best decorations.



christmas lights

House number 3 was a real eye opener! There were lights everywhere. From the garden all the way up to the house. Each window of the property had something different and it had such a nice feel to it. On the grass were some snowmen and various other Christmas themed light up decorations which really finished off the look.



christmas lights

This property was a close second, and was very close to being my number one. I loved the blow up snowman at the front of the house, along with the penguin and igloo, and the soldier. It’s great to see people going all out over Christmas, and I can assume that this house is home to a child or two who I’m sure where made up with how their home has been decorated.



christmas lights

Here is my favourite house of the lot. As you can see, there is so much going on here that I didn’t even have the chance to fully enjoy it and take it all in, for the fear of alarming the residents. What I did notice was the Santa’s hut which was at the back, lit up with lights. The garden was just full of Christmassy decorations, and I’m guessing that anyone that walked past would have stopped to take a look. It’s a very worthy winner of my top 5.


Let me know if you’ve seen any houses that are better than these, or maybe you yourself have decorated your house to put mine to shame. Send me in your pictures of your Christmas lights, I’d love to see them!

christmas lights

Tomorrow I will be recapping everything that happened to me in 2018. There’s been a lot!

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