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Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Eight: Gift Ideas

If you would like to catch up on yesterday’s post in which I embarrassed myself by sharing old pictures from my Christmas past then click here!

In today’s post I am going to be sharing a few gifts ideas for those who may be struggling to think of what to buy their loved ones. I made sure to include this post quite early on in my Blogmas journey to give people plenty of time to hit the shops before it gets too late. If you are like me and don’t start your Christmas shopping until the second week of December then this will be perfect timing for you.

Gift Ideas for Her

Women are far easier to buy for than men. Us guys have no idea what we want for Christmas, whereas women will hand you a list of everything they want. Most of the gifts that I will be sharing with you will be completely affordable for the average spender.

Last year I bought my girlfriend her annual supply of bath bombs. You can’t go wrong with this gift as there are so many different scents that you can buy, that you will surely be able to buy a different variation every year. There is also the option to have these delivered already gift wrapped. One less job to do for you. I usually buy my bath bomb gift set from Lush. There is a small shop in the Golden Square in Warrington. They even bring out special selections of Christmas themed bath bombs. Ill leave the link here…¬†

If you are looking for a present for your mum, then you can’t go wrong with something sentimental. It was a tough year last year as it was the first one without my Dad. This made choosing a gift very easy. I decided to get some photographs of my parents together and personalise a picture frame with a thoughtful poem to go with it. I think that your parents would rather have something that means something to them and something that they can keep.

Gift Ideas For Him

If you are buying for a man this Christmas, then I can only apologise to you on behalf of all the men in the world. We are a nightmare to buy for, and I think we would all be happy to admit that. We just don’t want or need anything, so it’s going to be down to you to be creative. If I can give any advice I would recommend getting yourself down to a MenKind store and finding some sort of crazy device or game that we can amuse ourselves with when we have a spare minute. They sell all sorts of cool gadgets in there that any man would love. Ill leave the link here…¬†They sell everything from wall climbing cars to a beer belly bum bag (yes these things really do exist).

If there is nothing in this store that the man in your life would like, then you really need to re-evaluate if he deserves a present. If all else fails, you can always buy him a nice pair of socks. Men can never have enough socks.

Hopefully this post has inspired you and given you some sort of idea in to what to buy your loved ones. Just remember, you really don’t need to spend a lot to give a good present. Sometimes its more the thought that you put in.

Happy Shopping!

Tomorrow’s post will be for all the parents out there! I will be talking through a few ideas for Elf on the Shelf!

gift ideas for christmas

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