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Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Twelve: What I Love and Hate About Winter

Yesterday’s post was all about what to buy for your Secret Santa.

December can bring all types of emotions. It can be a month filled with happiness and Christmas spirit, and it can also be a royal pain in the ass. I’m going to be giving an insight into what I like and dislike about the winter period.

What I Like About Winter

  • Christmas!

Everybody loves Christmas. Apart from the few Grinch’s out there, zapping all the Christmas joy out of the world. It’s a time where you can really spend quality time as a family and make so many memories. I’ve always looked forward to Christmas right from a young age. It’s a whole month leading up to one day where you put some real thought into other people. We are constantly thinking about what thoughtful presents we can get for our loved ones. Just for one day, you can forget all your troubles and just have a great time. Putting up the decorations is one of the best parts. Even the bit when you get into full blown arguments about how the tree should be decorated (yes this happened to me).

  • The Excitement of Santa

As many of my readers know, I work in a nursery with 2 and 3 year olds, which makes them a perfect age to fully understand the magic of Christmas. There is nothing better than seeing the pure joy on a child’s face when they go to our Santa’s Grotto to see the willing parent with the best ‘Santa belly’ dressed up with a fake beard and silly hat. It’s also a good time of year to pull out the famous line of ‘you’d better behave yourself…Santa is watching’. Works every time.

  • Eating Like a Horse

What’s the point of being gifted with so many selection boxes if you aren’t going to sit and eat them all one after the other? December is a great month to eat whatever the hell you want and not feel bad about it. Not great for the gym lovers and dieters, but for people like me who are stick thin anyway it’s a good excuse to consume your entire body weight in chocolate and Christmas Yulelog.

  • A snowy winter

Every couple of years we are blessed with the joy of snow around Christmas time. Christmas isn’t the same without waking up to finding the whole street covered in a blanket of white. Making snowmen and having snowball fights are what winter is all about. That’s until the frostbite kicks in or you pelt your brother in the nose with a rather heavy snowball.

What I Hate About Winter

  • Cold Weather

One thing I really dislike about the winter is the freezing cold temperatures that make you want to hide in bed and never leave the house. I feel the cold at the best of times, so when it’s -5 degrees first thing in the morning, it’s a bit of a buzzkill. I mentioned that a snowy Christmas is something I like, however when the novelty wears off and all that you are left with is ice, this becomes less enjoyable. Especially at times when you walk down the street looking like a tap dancer trying to stop your feet from flying from under you. Driving your car in the ice is also fun. I never knew how to drift around corners without even touching the steering wheel until I drove in ice.

  • Spending Money

Even though buying everybody presents is fun, it becomes less fun when you get to Boxing Day and look at your bank account to find that you have to survive for the rest of month on leftover turkey from Christmas dinner. Christmas is so expensive. Every year we spend more and more on presents that will end up either never being used, or returned to the store the next day. Not to mention all the food that we buy for everyone to then go on diets in January because they’ve turned fat from overeating.

When it comes to December, the likes far out-way the dislikes for me. It will always be one of my favourite times of the year. Let me know what your likes and dislikes are about winter.

In tomorrow’s post I will be interviewing another blogger with some Christmas questions.

season of winter

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