A New House For A New Year

Moving House

The year 2019 will be one of change. There’s a new career in the pipeline. Potentially a new car. The biggest change has already happened right at the beginning. Moving house. The most stressful but exciting time of any adult’s life. I honestly believe that having our first child was less stressful. I may have aged a couple of decades in the last few months, but it’s time to start the next chapter in our lives. I’m going to be showing you around the house that we now call home.

The Important, Boring Stuff

If you have recently moved house yourself, you will know how much paperwork you have to go through. It’s relentless. Signature after signature. I was signing documents that I didn’t even know what it was for. I just wanted the process to be as quick as possible. The legal side of buying a house is a world above my understanding. I’m still not sure that I know how a mortgage works, but somehow I’ve managed to get one. This is why you need to hire a knowledgeable financial adviser. Someone who can advise you best how to spend your life savings. I had a lot of trust in that middle aged man that I’d only ever met once.

moving house

Our New Home

The house that we chose was the first one that we went to look at. As soon as we walked down the street we had a good feeling. It’s an end terraced 3 bedroom house. Plenty of space for Austin to grow up in. We’ve been living in a ground floor apartment for the past 2 years so a 3 bed house seemed like a mansion to us. The location of the house was another selling point. About 2 metres away from the gates of a primary school. You couldn’t have placed a house in a better spot for us. Perfect for my future plans to set up a childminding service too! It’s going to be great when Austin starts at that school. I can be the nosey parent that looks out the back bedroom window to see if he is playing nicely in the playground. Well, until the police knock on the door and tell me to stop.

Virtual Tour

It’s time to take a look around. I’m about to welcome you into my (nicely cleaned beforehand) house to show you our new home.

Living Room


This is our new living room. It’s probably my favourite room of the house so far. It has a lovely, cosy feel to it already. The TV is now fixed onto the wall to remove the chances of grubby hands pushing it over. The sofas will be going very shortly. We have recently bought a corner sofa and a ‘cuddle’ chair which will be replacing the leather ones. The clock on the wall is one of the room’s best features. Rather than numbers, it has family pictures instead.

moving house



moving house

The kitchen is a room that I try to avoid at all costs. I’m a terrible cook so it’s best if I stay away. I did by best to destroy the kitchen in the old place by cooking with the hob covers still on. This kitchen however, it far too good to blow up! There’s so much space. There’s more cupboards than we know what to do with. We are used to cramming all our food into about 3 cupboards. The extra space is amazing. The kitchen is so inviting that I may even learn how to cook here. Maybe.


Dining Room

moving house

The dining room is small, but it has everything that we need. We have decided to put the fridge freezer in here to make more space in the kitchen. Amy went out and bought an old American style fridge freezer that we are both in love with already. The dining table still hasn’t been used as a dining table yet. It will be exciting to finally put it into use and actually have people round to eat.



moving house

We have stairs people! After living in a ground floor apartment for 2 years, the prospect of having stairs was very exciting. I’ve been running up and down them since we moved in. However, stairs and toddlers do not often mix well. Two stair gates were needed at the top and bottom to stop any tumbles.


Austin’s Room

moving house

I love everything about Austin’s room. There is plenty of room for him to play, and it’s nice and bright with the sunlight from the back. Austin has settled straight into his new room, and seems to love it as much as we do. When he gets bigger, there is the option to put a bigger bed in there too.

moving house


Office Space/ Third Bedroom

moving house

At the moment, this third bedroom is being used as storage for things we don’t yet have a home for. Eventually though, I would like to use this room as my office space. Somewhere that I can put a desk with a computer and write my blog. It’s only a small room, but it has the potential to be a nice little space that I can work. It’s also there in case any more sprogs pop out of Amy in the next few years. In which case I’ll have to sacrifice my office.



moving house

The garden was also something that we were very excited about. The old apartment we lived at had no garden, so to have an outdoor space as big as this was a huge selling point for buying the property. It’s needs major work doing to it. The previous resident left it in a mess, but it will be a good project to work on in the summer. My plan is to turf it all out with grass. Just leaving the slated part in the middle for somewhere to sit and have BBQs.

moving house

So that’s the tour of the house complete. We are so happy to start this new chapter of our lives here. Time to start making memories in our new house.

If you have just moved house, then let me know how your move went. If you are moving house yourself soon, then good luck.


    • YuleTimes

      Thank you! We found renting quite easy because we literally rented the first place we found 😂 yeah the garden is going to be good when it’s sorted out. I hope you find the perfect house for you! If you need any advice then send me a message xx

  • Karalee

    Congratulations on moving into your new house! Your house looks lovely & I love all the space in the garden!
    I live in an apartment with my boyfriend & our daughter & we’ve been talking about getting a house since we’ve outgrown our apartment. Also our upstairs neighbors are so rude (they’ve literally complained about my daughter banging on the radiator when it was the plumber fixing it) so yea a house sometime in the future would be amazing!

    • YuleTimes

      Thank you so much! Yeah we are in love with this house already. It was such a good find.

      I hope you can find somewhere too. We were in a similar situation in a ground floor apartment with a drug dealer next door. Not ideal. I’m sure things will work out for you. Got my fingers crossed.

  • Joanna Melia

    Congratulations, it looks lovely! How organised did you gave to be to move with a child? I imagine it takes some planning. We are hoping to move in 2019, we have an offer agreed but sorting out some of the survey findings is taking forever and it’s annoying being stuck in limbo, not knowing if it is going ahead or already stressed and that’s before I’ve even thought about moving.

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