A Recap Of My February Goals

After reviewing January last month, I’ve decided to carry that on into February. It’s good to keep track of your progress each month. February has been a mixed month for my targets. Some of them I smashed out the park. Others I crashed and burned. That’s the typical life of a blogger. Sometimes you win, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

February is a shorter month, and so it’s inevitable that views will be slightly down on last month. That’s my excuse anyway! It hasn’t been my best month, but I’ve done the best I could with the time that I had, and that’s all that matters.


My February Goals

  • 700 page views
  • 50 WordPress subscribers
  • 400 Instagram followers
  • 30,000 viewers on Pinterest
  • 2,200 Twitter followers
  • Increase DA score to 15


How Did I Get On?

  • 700 Page Views – FAILED

I feel like I didn’t take into account that February was a slightly shorter month when I set this goal. I hit my target of 600 views in January so it was a natural progression to aim for higher. It wasn’t to be though. February has been such a busy month, and the amount of time that I get to work on my blog seems to be decreasing by the week. I finished the month with 654 views, which is still a healthy figure for me.


  • 50 WordPress subscribers – FAILED

Gaining subscribers has always been a difficult task for me. It’s a tedious job that I never really have the time to do. I finished the month with 45 subscribers, which is still a figure that’s increased from last month. That’s 45 people who have been interested enough in my blog to get notifications when I post something new. It may be a tiny figure to most, but it’s something that I’m still proud of. Hopefully March will bring me a few more.


  • 400 Instagram Followers – PASSED

This is a goal that I met quite early on. Mainly from participating in Instagram follow threads on Facebook. I gained the followers I needed in the first week of February. The hardest part has been trying to maintain my followers. As I don’t have the time to post a new picture every day, I’ve been losing followers as quick as I’ve been gaining them. The joys of Instagram. I ended the month with 420 followers.


  • 30,000 Pinterest unique monthly viewers – FAILED

Pinterest provided me with plenty of joy, but also frustration in the month of February. I had initially hit this target, by some distance. I was at 32,000 viewers. However a few quiet days meant that it dropped below my goal. The month has a whole was fairly successful, with 84 views from Pinterest. This is a new high by some way. My Pinterest account is finally providing me with views!


  • 2,200 Twitter Followers – PASSED

I hit this target with only a few days to go. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. I feel like my Twitter following has been increasing at a healthy pace over the last few months. I’ve made so many great friends from Twitter, and I’m really enjoying being part of the blogging and parenting community. There’s nowhere better for a good parenting debate. I finished the month with 2,214 followers.


  • Increase DA Score to 15 – FAILED

I may have failed this particular target, but we have movement! After months of my DA score being stuck at a pathetic 13, it was finally moved on to an equally pathetic 14. I’m moving in the right direction, at snail’s pace. Maybe some day soon I’ll hit my target of 15.


My Goals For March 2019

Now time to set some more targets for March. Although I failed a lot of my February goals, I feel it’s still important to push myself more. I won’t be making any easy ones for next month. Here are my goals for March:

  • 750 page views
  • 65 WordPress subscribers
  • 500 Instagram followers
  • 40,000 Pinterest monthly unique viewers
  • 2,600 Twitter followers
  • Increase DA Score to 15 (for the 3rd month running)


Let me know if you managed to hit your February targets and what your goals are for March.



  • Lauren Mai

    Your numbers are still looking great! However it’s possible to have non-numerical successes such as positive interactions or even just a general sense of wellbeing thanks to blogging 🙂

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