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10 Hopes I Have For My Child’s Future

As a parent, we often think about how our children will turn out. We raise them in a way that reflects our own values and views, in a hope that they will grow up to be just like us. In some ways I would love for my son to be just like me, but in so many other ways I want him to be completely different. I’m going to be talking you through some of the hopes that I have for my son, Austin.

1. I hope he enjoys life

I want Austin to get as much enjoyment out of life that he possibly can. That means exploring the world, and living life to the full. I don’t want him to hold back and miss out on journey’s that could define his whole life. I want him to experience everything that life has to offer, and gain as much life experience that he can. It’s impossible for life to be enjoyable all the time. However, when the good times do come, I want him to grasp them with both hands.

2. I hope he keeps his family close

Family has always been the most important thing in my life, and I would love for Austin to carry on that mentality. I want him to take care of his sibling(s) and look out for his grandparents. I hope that he has a really close relationship with me and his mother in way that means that he never leaves us behind and wants us next to him every step of the way.

3. I hope he is good natured and kind

We teach our children every day about manners and being kind, and I really hope that Austin brings this into adulthood. He is already full of love and affection, and will give kisses out to anybody and everybody. I want him to grow up with this same affection for the people who are close to him. I also want him to take opportunities in life to be kind to complete strangers. Small acts of kindness like offering his seat to an old person, or offering to help someone who’s in distress. It’s acts like these that a lot of people turn a blind eye to. The true heroes in this world don’t need a second thought to take action.

4. I hope he finds a career that excites him

Every child has dreams of what they want to be when they are older. There’s not many that actually go on to do that when the time comes to pick a career. Usually, we pick what opportunity is presented to us at the time. I’ve been floating around from job to job for years searching for the right career path, and it can be stressful. I hope that Austin finds his passion early, and then works hard to pursue it. We will never push him onto any career path. I just want him to do something that he really wants to do, and that will motivate him and bring him happiness and fulfillment.

5. I hope that he is ambitious

I don’t ever want Austin to settle. We already know that he is going to be a strong, intelligent little boy. He is going to have the capability to do anything that he wants in life. As a parent I can ensure that he always knows how special he is, and how far he has the potential to go if he wants to.

6. I hope that he knows I will support him

Whatever path he takes in life, I hope that he knows that I will always have his back. Even when life tries to put him down, he will always have people around him that will give him good advice and share his pain as well as his happiness. The biggest support he will receive is when he gets to an age when he realises who he really is, and the person that he wants to be. Whether he is straight, gay, bisexual or whatever else is out there these days, he will always have the full support of his family.

7. I hope that he makes good choices

Although I would like Austin to make the right choice every time, it won’t do him any harm to experience the wrong choice, as long as it wasn’t harmful to his health or his general wellbeing. Sometimes children have to learn from their mistakes. A lot of what I’ve learnt from life was by making bad decisions and learning from them. I don’t want Austin to follow in my footsteps though. I want Austin to look at my footsteps, be proud of what I’ve done and then choose his own path in life.

8. I hope he can confide in me

I want Austin to be able to talk to me about anything, whether it be an achievement, or a problem that he is facing. A lot of children find themselves suffering from poor mental health because they feel that they have nobody to talk to about the issues in their life. I was always able to go to my parents with a problem and they would find a way to fix it, regardless of the trauma and consequences it would have on them. Hopefully Austin feels the same way about us when he needs somebody to turn to for help.

9. I hope he knows how much his family loves him

Austin has been a ray of sunshine to my family’s lives. He came at a time when some positivity and joy was most needed. Arriving just after the passing of my father meant that he took on a significant role in our family. The love that he receives from our two families is overwhelming, and I hope that when he is a little older he can see just how much love he has. He will never be short of affection and there will always be somebody there to guide him through life.

10. I hope that he gets the opportunities that he deserves

The world can be a very cruel place, and good, decent, honest people sometimes don’t get the opportunities that they deserve. I really hope that this doesn’t apply to Austin, and that he is able to do everything in life that he wants to. He is a very special little boy and it’s going to be my aim in life to remove any barriers that may be in his way.

We all want the best for our children, we can only guide them on the right path and offer them the support system that they need to succeed. I’ll be sure to write a catch up to this blog post in a few decades time letting you know if my hopes for Austin have been fulfilled.

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