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A Romantic Getaway In Chester

A romantic getaway in Chester was just what Amy and I needed. A night away from the usual routine. No baby, no cooking, no washing up. A whole night to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. Without wondering who’s going to do the first get up in the night. We had each other’s full attention.

Relationships can be hard to maintain when you have a child. We’ve found that out the hard way. It’s far too easy to lose focus of why you love each other. The little things that you once took for granted end up getting lost in the chaos that is parenting. One of the best ways to bring that spark back is to book yourselves some time off! Take a break. Go out for dinner. Have night in together. Whatever it is that you want to do, just do it.

In our case, we had a romantic getaway to the town of Chester to enjoy a baby free night. A present from my Mum for our engagement. It included an overnight stay, with a meal in the evening and breakfast in the morning. Grandma was babysitting of course as part of the present. Austin loves having sleepovers at his Grandma’s, so we had no issues about leaving him there overnight.

Time For Romance

The place we were staying was called the Saddle Inn and was a lovely little Rock Bar. There were live bands playing and it had a ‘young people’ vibe to it. If you consider yourself a goth or emo, then this was the place for you. Obviously, we fitted in straight away. We paid a little extra for a room upgrade, as it was a special occasion. This meant us being in the very first room as you came up the stairs, something we would regret later on in the night.

As a true romantic, the romance was at full flow instantly. I showed this straight away by smashing my stupid face into a glass pane that was in front of the window as I tried to look out of it. Very smooth. Of course Amy laughed at me, who wouldn’t? I was happy to provide the evening’s entertainment though. The romance continued after this as we settled down to watch ‘Homes Under The Hammer’. That’s romantic right? Who doesn’t need a bit of Martin Roberts to spice up their Saturday night.

Social Butterflies

As part of the experience, we had a prepaid meal to enjoy. We dressed up nice (by nice, I mean clothes that didn’t have stains or snot on) and headed downstairs. The food was lovely, and it was nice just to sit and chat whilst we ate. Rather than the usual late night teatime, barely awake after a long day at work. We had time to enjoy our food, and talk about anything and everything that we wanted to.

We even turned into full on rebels and enjoyed a few drinks whilst waiting for the live band to come on. At one point, Amy came back to the table with a couple of Jagerbombs. In that moment, life had become the most outrageous it had been in years. You might be wondering if the live band was worth listening to? I couldn’t tell you, we retired back to the room in a tired state before the band even started setting up. How embarrassing. This is what happens once you become a parent. A wild night out consists of a few drinks and staying up slightly past your bedtime.

Sleep Is For The Weak

I must announce that Amy and I stayed up rather late once we got back to the room. Scandalous I know. Who needs sleep anyway? Not us. We were awake pretty much all night. Every hour in fact. We were both exhausted by the morning. Remember when I said we were going to regret being the first room on the bottom floor? Try getting any sleep at all when the entire drunken population of the pub were stomping up and down the stairs causing a racket. Shouting and screaming whilst two tired parents were trying to enjoy one free night of uninterrupted sleep. Yes, sleep.

An Unromantic Breakfast

It was a nice change waking up in the morning to the sound of silence, rather than the sound of a child farting through the baby monitor. We went down for breakfast, which was also included for us. We were greeted however, with the moodiest young woman imaginable. I was convinced that she was hungover from the night before. What could be better for her on that fine Sunday morning than my delightful face? Her morning was about to get so much worse.

I attempted to order my breakfast, which can be quite the ordeal. I enjoy a cooked breakfast, but there’s a lot on the menu that I don’t like. Therefore I asked this hungover staff member to customise my meal. She huffed at me and left to find a pen and paper. Clearly this was too much information for her to handle at this time of the morning. She came back and asked me again what I wanted. This time though, she addressed me as a “pain in the arse”. Charming customer service.

Reunited With Austin

Although we had a great time, it was nice to go home and be reunited with our baby. It’s crazy how much you crave a break from them, but when you spend time away, you are then desperate to get back to them. We missed the little guy a lot. I think it’s so important for parents to have some time for themselves. You need that time to reconnect with each other and enjoy each other’s company. Life can be overbearing at times, and occasionally you need space to recharge the batteries and go again.

I would recommend any parent to take time out of parenting. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours. It really can make a huge difference to your physical and mental state. If you are lucky enough to have a good support system like ourselves then make good use of them. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to child mind for a night. You deserve a break! It’s definitely brought Amy and I back into our happy place.


If you have recently enjoyed a night away from the children, or desperately need one, then get in touch!

romantic getaway


  • Georgia

    Sounds like you needed that night away and another afterwards! It’s a shame breakfast was disappointing. Plus, at least you tried to be romantic – I’m sure Amy loved the gesture.


  • Karalee

    I have a 3 year old daughter & I agree it is good to have a night away! Every now & then my daughter will spend the night at her grandma’s & me & my boyfriend will have the night free to go out to eat & see a movie or just stay home & eat sushi while watching Netflix.
    It seems like you had a nice night away in Chester even though you didn’t get much sleep & the customer service for breakfast was pretty bad.

    • YuleTimes

      It is so important to have that time as a couple. It sounds like you are going about things the right way. I bet you’re relationship is pretty strong.

      We did have a great time regardless of the lack of sleep and grumpy staff haha x

  • Chloe Chats

    Oh wow that isn’t great customer service you had for breakfast! I can understand people might be having a bad day but there’s no need for that behaviour. It is nice to have little getaway’s sometimes, I don’t have any children yet but I love just getting away with my boyfriend just to have some time off from work and getting to spend some quality time with him! 🙂

    Chloe xx

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