easter bonnet

Austin’s Easter Bonnet

Easter was never really a time of year that I bothered with. Apart from the eating of Easter eggs of course. Now that I have a child though, I have a duty as a father to make Easter time as fun and exciting as possible. What better way to do this than making our very first Easter bonnet. Plenty of mess, and lots of little items that Austin could potentially swallow or stick up his nose. This was going to be fun.

easter bonnet

We first went to Home Bargains to buy our Easter bonnet set. It only cost us £3.99 and inside you get loads of different decorations to make your bonnet. It comes with googly eyes, feathers, stickers, fabric, ribbon etc. We did spend a little extra on some foam Easter eggs for Austin to paint and stick on. These would eventually end up as dinosaur eggs on top of the bonnet.

easter bonnet

I was surprised at how much Austin enjoyed painting his eggs. He holds the brush with so much control and grace. I might have the next Michelangelo on my hands here! Although I’m sure Michelangelo didn’t try to eat his paint. Not only were we eating paint, but we were also sticking decorations to our face, rather than on the bonnet. It’s not as much fun doing it properly. You need a sequence stuck to the middle of your forehead to fully enjoy the experience.

Easter bonnet easter bonnet

easter bonnet

After we had painted the eggs, we stuck them to the top of the bonnet, along with some feathers. I had no idea that Austin was so terrified of feathers until I attempted to tickle him with one. I thought he was going to fall off his chair. We stuck on some bunnies to the side and some strips of tissue to make it look like a nest.

I also had the joy of watching Austin have a whale of a time with some pipe cleaners. Instead of bending them and playing with them like any normal child would do, he decided to wear them like a necklace. He definitely hasn’t learnt that from me!

easter bonnet

After over an hour of making a mess we eventually finished our Easter bonnet. It was far from perfect, but we had made it together and that was enough for me. We took it into nursery the following day for Austin to take part in the Easter parade where they would be showing off everyone’s bonnets. This was Austin’s moment to be in the spotlight. To show off his incredible work to his friends. As expected though, he bottled it. Refused to wear the hat and threw it at me for good measure.

easter bonnet

Even though it didn’t quite go to plan, we have the memory of taking part and having a great time making it. This is far more important than winning any prize. Hopefully next year Austin might actually wear it, although I very much doubt it.


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