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A Day Out At Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm

We recently went on a day out to Farmer Teds Adventure Farm. It’s not always easy to go on these days out due to our busy schedules. However, we packed a bag and headed on out for a rare day in the sun at Farmer Ted’s. Austin loves animals and being outside, so it seemed like the perfect place to take him. I’m going to be writing an honest review of what I thought, for any parents who are thinking about going too.

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How Much Does It Cost?

For two adults and a child under 3 it cost £19 (adults £6.75 each and £5.50 for a child). This isn’t bad considering how many activities are there. You could easily spend several hours there if you wanted. These prices are based on the fact that it was a Saturday. If you go in the week it’s even cheaper! If Farmer Ted’s is somewhere you think you would go again, then you can even buy a season pass for a set price.

Things To Do

There are so many different activities for the children to do! No matter what age your children are, there’s plenty for everyone. Austin is 18 months old, so we were limited to what we could access. The maze, the assault courses and the archery range would have to wait until he was older.

Meet The Animals

Austin’s favourite activity was seeing all the animals. Farmer Teds has loads of animals that you can get up close to and touch. There’s horses, goats, sheep, pigs, reindeer. Austin loved walking around and seeing each animal. He was having a great time until some noisy goats scared the crap out of him. He was literally shaking in my arms. After that, every animal was terrifying regardless of how small, cute and fluffy it was.

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Throughout the day the farm offers demonstration sessions where you can get even closer to the animals. They do loads of things like brushing the ponies and watching the birds of prey. The only demonstration we managed to attend was the close ups with the guinea pigs. This was great for Austin as the animals were at the perfect height for him to pet.

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Indoor Play

The first place that we went to when we got there was the indoor play area. There was a separate play area for toddlers so Austin could play with children his own age, and not have to worry about being knocked over by older children. There was a couple of slides and plenty of foam objects to climb on. Our visit to the play area was cut short though when Austin had a tantrum because he couldn’t climb up the slide.

Jumping Pillows

Another activity that Austin enjoyed was the jumping pillows. This was effectively a giant trampoline shaped in a hill. Again there was a smaller one for the toddlers, away from the bigger children. Even though he was too small to access it himself, Austin had a great time bouncing around and attempting to run down the sides. This of course had me chasing after him to prevent him from breaking his neck. Who needs the gym when you have a one year old.

farmer teds

Tractor rides

We also spent quite a lot of time on the toy tractors. Austin was more interested in getting on and off them rather than actually riding them. I was clearly caught up in the moment of my son riding his first ever tractor as I nearly managed to go head first over a stray tractor that was hiding behind me. Obviously the moment was caught on camera, which you can find on my Twitter.

Overall, I was really impressed with Farmer Teds and would recommend any family to give it a try. There’s plenty to do there for all ages of children and doesn’t cost the earth. Great for a rainy day or a summer outing. My biggest piece of advice though for children of a younger age.. put them in shoes that are easy to get on and off. There’s a lot of activities that require no shoes.

If you want to read up more about Farmer Teds Adventure Farm before you go then you can click the link below. 

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