Our Trip To Mallorca

It’s time to share the story of my family’s first ever holiday! It isn’t the first holiday that we booked however. Just over a year ago Amy and I planned to go to Morroco on an adults only holiday. Sea, sun and suspiciously bad suntan lines. So why didn’t we make it on that particular holiday? One simple reason…one very strong and determined swimmer. I’d only gone and knocked Amy up 9 months before we were due to go away. This would have made her due date scarily close to the time we were planning on being sat beside a pool drinking cocktails. That was the end of that one. So this time was attempt number two. Holidaying with a toddler, here goes…

Choosing a destination

There’s so many amazing places in the world, how do you even decide which country to visit on your first ever holiday as a family? Easy. What’s the shortest flight time? It would have been incredible to travel far and wide seeing the world, but with a one year old baby in toe there was no chance of that. We settled on an all inclusive trip to sunny Spain, Mallorca to be exact. It’s a popular holiday destination for all ages, you can’t go wrong. It has sunshine, it’s not too far to travel and it’s relatively cheap.


The worst part about any holiday is the travelling. Our flight to Spain was at 6 in the morning so we were up out of bed at a ridiculous time. Austin had no idea what was happening. He was dragged out of his cot in the dead of night and packed in the car along with three suitcases. The flight was the one hurdle that I expected to try and jump over but end up flat on my face. The flight time seemed to have worked in our favour here because Austin slept for an hour and a half of a two hour flight. I couldn’t complain at that. Only half an hour of wriggling, wrestling and restraining to get him to sit still in a seat.

Holidaying with a toddler

When you go to a place like Mallorca, you’d expect to spend your week relaxing by the pool working on the golden tan that you will be showing off to everyone when you get home. Unfortunately there’s only so much relaxing and sunbathing you can get away with when you have a one year old. We spent a lot of our time by the pool, but it was far from relaxing. It was Austin’s first experience of hot weather so the heat was draining him and making him a very cranky little boy.

Another challenge was trying to get Austin into the pool. The water was freezing cold and he didn’t quite appreciate being dipped in with his inflatable. After 10 minutes of crying and climatising to the cold he eventually realised that it was actually quite good fun. Just to make our little swim even more enjoyable, every time we got into the pool, we seemed to time it just as the entertainment staff decided to blast the music and surround the pool for their daily dancing session. The excitement got too much for Austin. If you have ever bathed a baby, you will know that the water knocks them out and they will fall asleep straight away. Austin didn’t make it out of the water before he started to drift off. On a few occasions I turned round to find Austin taking a little nap.

holidaying with a toddler

Holiday Romance

It didn’t take Austin long to become a bit of a celebrity in the hotel complex. Everywhere he went people would talk to him and try to get his attention. Even people who clearly couldn’t speak a word of English. He was a hit wherever he went and he absolutely loved it. There was one particular person who Austin took a real shining to. A young Spanish waitress called Eva. Every time she walked past our table Austin would give his flirty eyes and his best cheeky grin. It would have worked better if he didn’t have food dangling down his chin. It must have worked though because Eva was just as obsessed with him. After five days of our holiday there was clearly some romance going on, so we asked Eva if she would pose for a picture holding Austin in her arms. He wasted no time and was being smothered in kisses, he even went for a cheeky grab of her boob. He could have bought her a drink first!

The next day Eva chased after us as we were leaving, holding a couple of heart shaped lollipops. Literally the cutest thing I’d ever witnessed. We were gutted to realise on our last day that Eva had a day off. Austin took this opportunity to bring his flirty eyes back out and was checking out the other waitresses, and also the young girl at the next table. I might have to give Austin ‘the chat’ about keeping it in his trousers.

holidaying with a toddler

Night Time Entertainment

After long days by the pool, we ended each day by getting dressed up and heading down for the night time entertainment. Austin’s favourite part was the Mini Disco. There was one particular song that was played every single night, and still to this day I remember most of the dance moves. Austin was hanging on to the front of the stage every night watching the dancers. When he wasn’t dancing, he had us holding his hands and walking wherever took his fancy. We were walking past everyone’s tables, Austin giving anyone who would look at him a big smile. He was loving the attention. One poor guy clearly hadn’t noticed him, so was greeted by Austin growling at him. We ended up chatting to that particular man and his wife for most of the night after that. It was one way of breaking the ice.

Overall, this was an amazing first holiday. The food was good, the entertainment was fun, the rooms were spotless. There was no way that we could fault it. I would definitely recommend any family to give it a try. There’s a splash pool for the kids with slides that Austin was too small to go on. The hotel is located down the road from the beach and a short bus journey from a huge water park and an aquarium. There is something there for everyone. It was great for us because it was a short flight time and then only a 20 minute transfer from the airport. The hotel is called OLA Hotel Maioris and you can find the Facebook page here. If you’ve had a different experience on your first holiday as a family then do get in contact, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Holidays!

holidaying with a toddler holidaying with a toddler holidaying with a toddler

holidaying with a toddler

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