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Product Review: Ride on 123 Hauck Walker

Hauck Walker

The Hauck walker was bought for us by my brother for Austin’s first birthday. I couldn’t wait to take it home and rip open the box to put it all together. I think I might have been more excited to play with it than Austin. Now that it has been tried and tested, I wanted to write up a little product review for anyone who is thinking of buying one.

A lot of walkers only last a couple of months and then children grow too big for them, or they break from overusing them. There’s also the risk of your child taking a nose dive over the front of one. Yes, this happened to Austin on more than one occasion. It was definitely time to upgrade and this product didn’t disappoint.

Features of the Hauck Walker

The product comes as three different structures, and can be changed with ease depending on the child’s age and mobility. You can use it primarily as a car, where your child can sit securely inside and move around with no risk of falling out. The base of the walker is very sturdy and has six stoppers along the base. This makes it virtually impossible to tip over. Although this is a huge selling point for this product, we have since removed the stoppers for the sole reason that we have a large rug in our living room which the walker was struggling to move on.

You can also fit the music system onto the top of the walker which has lots of different coloured buttons that play sounds when pressed. If you are a parent that enjoys their peace and quiet then you can remove this, although…where’s the fun in that?

Once your child is more confident in standing up by themselves then you can be remove the seat so that your child can hold the handles and walk themselves around. It kind of looks like they are pushing around a shopping trolley at this point. Just make sure that your child has the ability to stop before they crash into something. We are still trying to master this part. The ‘First Stepp’ stage is great for encouraging children to walk and is recommended for use at around the 9 month mark.

Hauck Walker


Stage Two: Ride On Stage

At 18 months old your child can then use the ‘Ride On’ stage which involves adding a seat for them to ride it around. I think this part will be fine to use for slightly younger children. Just as long as they have good balance and something soft to land on if they decide to take a tumble. We are yet to try this stage, as Austin is still not confident enough to keep his balance.

The great thing about the Hauck Walker is that the front part with the handlebars has two different height settings. Once your child has grown too big for the first setting then you can just increase the height. This product really helps to enhance children’s motor skills and I’m really hoping that it can finally allow Austin to start walking. He’s nearly there, it’s just going to take some practice and some self belief. Maybe a little less stubbornness and laziness as well.

I think Austin’s favourite thing about this product is the box that it came in, as he took a particular liking to the girl on the front. His emotions got the better of him and he moved in for the kiss far too early in my opinion.

Hauck WalkerHauck Walker

I would recommend the Hauck Walker to any parent who has a child who is learning to walk. It might just be the push your child needs to master the walking stage.

You can buy this product for £46.95 by clicking on the link below..

Let me know if you find this product to be useful for your child too.

Hauck Walker


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