January 2019

A Recap Of My January Goals

January 2019 has been a very kind month to me for my blog. Since I’ve been putting the work in, I’ve started to notice a real difference. Hard work really does pay off. I still haven’t cracked the world of blogging, but I’ve certainly made a good start on improving it.

Over the last month, I’ve tweaked over 80 blog posts, making them more SEO friendly. It has taken me hours and hours. This considering time is not always on my side. Let me remind you of what goals I set myself for January and whether I have met them or not.

My January 2019 goals

  • 500 page views on my blog
  • 30 WordPress subscribers
  • 370 Instagram followers
  • 5,000 Pinterest monthly viewers
  • 1,900 Twitter followers
  • Increase DA score to 15

So, How Did I do?

500 Page Views – PASSED

In the month of January I managed to bring in a total of 650 page views to my blog. This might not seem like a lot to most bloggers, but it’s something that I am very proud of. It’s a step in the right direction. Last year I averaged just over 400 page views per month. Therefore a significant increase.


30 WordPress Subscribers- PASSED

This was one of the more challenging targets that I set myself. Gaining subscribers on WordPress has always been a struggle for me. Hence why my figures are so low. I’m happy that I’ve been able to hit my goal, as it is a step in the right direction. Slowly but surely. I finished the month with 31 subscribers.


370 Instagram Followers – PASSED

Instagram is a platform that has been very hit and miss with my blog. My figures have never really been great and so I haven’t targeted Instagram as something I need to prioritise. It’s nice to gain a few extra followers though. I’ve finished the month of January on 383 followers. I still find it hard to post a new picture every day, due to my busy schedule. Hopefully I can continue to grow my following and find more time to be more active.


5,000 Monthly Unique Viewers On Pinterest – PASSED

I was surprised at how easy this one was to achieve. I’ve known for a while now that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your blog. I’ve just never really known how to maximise it’s potential. Recently I’ve been pinning more and made shiny new pins for all my blog posts. Surprisingly I’ve finished on just over 13,000 monthly unique viewers. Nearly three times my original target. I will crack Pinterest. One day.


1,900 Followers On Twitter – PASSED

I went through a phase during December where I struggled to gain any followers at all. However looking back now, I should have been more ambitious with my target. I smashed past the 1,900 during the first week of January. I even went past the 2,000 point. I’ve finished the month with 2,058 followers, which is incredible for me. I love being part of the blogging and parenting communities. Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming.


Increase DA Score To 15 – FAILED

It was all going so well until this little terror of a stat turned up. A blog’s DA score has always been something that I have struggled to understand. I used to have a really healthy DA score in the 20’s when I first started blogging. However after a couple of months break last year, my score plummeted. It stands at a very low score of 13. I have done my research and gained some information about to increase this score. However I was not aware of how long it can take. My target of 15 was very ambitious and one that I had no chance of achieving. It’s going to be a very slow process.


My Goals for February 2019

It’s time to make some new goals. January was a very successful month for my blog. I just need to make sure that February is even better. Here are my goals for February:

  • 700 page views on my blog
  • 50 WordPress subscribers
  • 400 Instagram followers
  • 30,000 monthly unique viewers on Pinterest
  • 2,200 Twitter followers
  • Increase DA score to 15 (again!)

I have been a little more ambitious with these targets but I want my blog to continue to grow. So I need to be pushing myself.

Let me know if you met all of your January goals, and what your targets are for February.

January 2019 - A review of my January goals and a look into my February targets



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