becoming a dad

Why Being A Dad Is So Important To Me

Most guys have life ambitions such as having the flashiest cars, the biggest houses or getting that dream job that they’ve always wanted. These ambitions are great if you can achieve them, but that’s never been my goal in life. My life ambition is to be a good father and to raise my own family.

The Importance Of Family

Family has always been the most important thing to me. Materialistic objects are great and can bring a lot of joy into people’s lives, but it would never fully satisfy me. To really be happy, I wanted to have my own family. The start of this dream happened on the 19th September when Austin David Yule was born. The greatest blessing to my family.

When you become a new parent, the only thing you can really base your knowledge on is from how you’ve been brought up from your own parents. I imagine it doesn’t take long before you start turning into your mum or dad, using the exact same phrases they used to say to you, like “You’ll get square eyes sitting so close to the TV” and “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”


I became a father on the 19th September to Austin which you can read more about here. He has been a blessing to my family, for several reasons. For anybody that knows me well, will know of the troubles that my family has experienced in the last year. My father passed away in May 2017, which left a huge hole in my life. You can read the full story here. He was my role model, and the person that I looked up to teach me right and wrong growing up. This would be the man that would shape me as a parent. The birth of Austin had mixed emotions for me. It brought a sense of happiness back into my family after a troubled time. It also brought a sense of sadness and disappointment that Austin will never be able to see or talk to his Grandad.

My Upbringing

My dad never got the credit that he deserved for how he brought up his children. He would silently go about his duties as a dad without any need for recognition or reward. His reward was seeing us grow up to be happy and make positive choices in life. He wasn’t a man to show his emotions, he would rarely tell me that he loved me, but most of the time he didn’t need to, because his actions spoke a thousand words. He would never let me go without anything. I was never allowed to skip a meal, as my dad would be slaving away in the kitchen making sure that I was fed.

He would give me pocket money every single week, and would always make sure that I was financially okay. Anything that I needed or wanted, my dad provided. I never fully appreciated this until after he was gone, and I looked back on my upbringing and realised just how lucky I was.

The Circle Of Life

Not having my dad in my life now has made bringing Austin up even more important to me. I want to give my son the upbringing that I had. The endless hours stood on the side of a football pitch in the freezing cold watching him play football. Going to school plays to watch him dress up in a pillowcase and be a sheep. Teach him how to ride a bike and pick him up when he falls off it. These are the things that I’m really looking forward to.

Hopefully my dad will be watching over us and giving me subtle hints from wherever he is on how to manage this fatherhood business. He seemed to have perfected it over the years. I know that he would have made the best Grandad to Austin. He already had 6 grandchildren so knew what it involved. He would have had endless stories to tell him and more advice than he could ever have processed. It’s not fair that Austin has been deprived of an upbringing without his Grandad because of a horrible illness that took him away from us.

Time to make my dad proud and bring up little Austin to be the best person that he can be. Austin will be proud to be a Yule, and proud of his Grandad.


If you have a similar story or have any other reasons why parenting is so important to you then get in touch and leave your comments.

becoming a dad

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