gender reveal

Gender Reveal!

The most exciting part of any pregnancy is without doubt the day that you find out what gender the baby is. It means you can finally put a name to the bump and start the bonding process. A lot of parents choose not to find out the gender of their unborn baby, but we were far too impatient for that!

Early Gender Scan

So when you imagine┬áthe revealing of the gender, you usually think about the 20 week scan. Nope! This was far too long for Amy to wait. After nagging me for weeks and weeks I finally gave in and booked her in for an early gender scan as her Mother’s Day present. Yes apparently I still needed to buy her a Mother’s Day present even though the baby isn’t even here yet. I hope that means I receive the same kind of treatment on Father’s Day!

The day had arrived that we would be the finding out whether we would be having a little boy, or a little girl. The excitement that you feel leading up to this is incredible. Everybody has a gender in mind that they would prefer, even if they don’t admit it. There are many benefits to either gender.

Perks of having a boy…

  1. Endless days out playing football at the park
  2. I know how a male body functions
  3. It’s easier to have the birds and bees talk in the future…”Wrap it up son”
  4. Girls are hard work!

Perks of having a girl…

  1. She will be daddy’s little girl
  2. She will be beautiful like her mum
  3. I’ll be able to scare all the guys away when she starts dating
  4. I’m sure I could get a daughter to play football too!

During the car journey there, Amy and I discussed what we thought was about to happen. Would we be having a baby girl? Or a baby boy? One thing was for sure, our baby was going to be a handful. We knew that already by the fact that during the 12 week scan, our child was being as difficult as possible, hiding from the sonographer and then giving us a cheeky wave when we finally found him. We could only imagine that this scan would be exactly the same.

I assumed that we would be able to tell instantly whether it was a boy or a girl on the screen. I mean, there’s always a pretty obvious sign that it’s a boy, especially if he takes after his daddy! That’s such a man joke, I cringed writing that one!

Drum-roll please…

The time had arrived, our names had been shouted for our gender scan and we were welcomed into a dark room with television screens everywhere. It’s quite an intimidating atmosphere inside the scan room, just so many things that I had no idea what they were. We could have been in the room to have our organs removed by a couple of rogue nurses and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

We sat there and waited with nervousness, excitement and anticipation. Before the nurses could even tell us the gender of our baby, they both started giggling. Yep, that pretty much gave it away then! Our suspicions were correct…WE WERE HAVING A BOY!! We were so excited! That’s exactly what we were hoping for. Girls are great, but you can’t beat having a little miniature version of yourself to bring up. The sonographer was hilarious throughout, she was a little Asian lady who didn’t seem to care about saying what was on her mind. Every time she saw a different angle of our son, she said..”Willy!” “Willy!” I would usually have been mortified at this, but it was just so funny, and I was filled with too much excitement.

gender reveal

As the scan went on, we saw our son from different angles. The best angle we got was when he was facing us, full frontal view…with his hands firmly grasping his little winky! That’s my boy! Least he’s got some decency already by covering up his manhood. Either that or he just enjoys holding it, which I can’t say he gets from me! We also saw him from the back, with his arse sticking out like he was trying to impersonate Kim Kardashian. During this we heard the little Asian lady say..”Ooh peachy bum!” Definitely takes after his dad with that one then! Although according to Amy, he takes after me because he’s got skinny arms, skinny legs and no arse…yeah, thanks!

gender reveal

Baby Names

Deciding on the name of our child was, at times, a difficult one. As soon as we found out we were having a baby, we went straight to a bookshop and bought a baby name book so we could start to get some ideas. For weeks we struggled, every name that I liked Amy didn’t, and the names that Amy liked were just ridiculous. Casper…No, Felix…No. Casper is the name of a friendly ghost and Felix is the cat on the adverts. There was no way we were calling our son those names. After much reading and discussion, we finally decided on a name. Our son would be called Austin David Yule.

Spreading The News

We decided that the best way for us to reveal the gender to our family was to get a huge blue balloon filled with helium and put it into a big gift bag. When they open the bag, the balloon will float up revealing the news. Everyone would go wild. When we got there, everyone was itching with excitement as to what we would be having. We gathered everybody around the bag and it was time for the big reveal! This moment was far too special to just experience once, so I decided that I was going to record it. We could then watch it back over and over again.

The bag was about to be opened so I got my phone ready and pressed record…or so I thought! The bag opened, the blue balloon came out and the room exploded into noise. Everybody was cheering, hugs were being shared around, it was such an amazing moment. Little did I know that instead of pressing record and then stop to make a video, I had actually just taken two pictures instead. What an idiot! The excitement of the whole situation had given me a massive brain fart and I had missed on camera one of the best moments we have had so far in this pregnancy. I was devastated and Amy was throwing me razor sharp daggers from her eyes. Safe to say she was not impressed.


So now we knew, we were going to be having a baby boy. I could look forward to days out at the park playing football, taking him to Anfield to watch the Reds play, dressing him up in little Liverpool football kits. There is a lot of pressure on Austin now to be into his football, especially as I am already planning on setting up my own local football team starring my very own son. Although if he is anything like his mum, he won’t have a single athletic bone in his body.



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