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How To Look After A Pregnant Woman

It’s the question every dad to be wants to know…how do you take care of your pregnant partner? The answer is….there is no right answer. Your emotional and hormonal partner will never be fully satisfied with your actions and it’s more a case of damage limitation. Get in as less trouble as possible and hope that’s enough. There are little things you can do however to get into her good books and give you some well needed time out of the doghouse.

1. Let Her Sleep

This one is very important and must be taken very seriously. Imagine what your partner is like first thing in the morning on a usual day, and now imagine what she would be like first thing in the morning after she’s had no sleep, been up peeing all night and has a baby inside her. Not a good thought is it? So as her partner, it is your responsibility to ensure that she gets enough sleep, so that she doesn’t turn into a raging dragon. One thing you can do is buy her a pregnancy pillow, as it will support her back whilst she sleeps and gives her more comfort. You wont get any sleep yourself as it takes up the whole bed, but it might help your partner.

2. Rub Her Feet

Okay so she may have smelly feet, but it’s time to suck it up, put on your protective gloves and gas mask and give her a foot massage. She’s carrying extra baby weight and so her ankles and feet are going to be working overtime. The least you can do to help her is to offer her a foot rub. After you have done this, she will probably tell you that other places are starting to hurt too. So be prepared to be constantly giving her massages from this day forward. You have started now, and she will start to get used to being relaxed by your rubs, so there’s no stopping now.

3. Step In With The Chores

It’s a well known fact that when a woman gets pregnant there is an unwritten rule that she must not do any more chores for the foreseeable future. This does seem a little ambitious that a guy could be capable of doing all the housework and chores around the house without breaking anything or accidentally setting the house on fire. You may not be able to do all the chores. However at least make more of an effort where you can. A little tip though…make sure you step in with the housework before your partner has finished them. Not at the end when she has pretty much finished it all. She won’t even appreciate the gesture of you asking then. She will just be pissed off that you didn’t ask sooner.

4. Give Her Whatever She Demands

This is something that can be applied to any situation, even before the pregnancy. Women will always be demanding from us, so when your partner is pregnant, you can expect this to be multiplied. The best way to deal with these demands is to give her what she wants, exactly when she wants it. After all, she is carrying your baby and at the end of the 9 months she is going to be squeezing it out of her front bottom, with plenty of pain and stress. So during her pregnancy, it’s only fair that you run around after her, treating her like the demanding princess that she is.

5. Run Her a Bath

By running her a bath, you can make it look like you are being really romantic. Candles everywhere, glass of non-alcoholic wine on the side. There isn’t a more romantic gesture than that. What I have found from experience is that if you run her a bath in the evening, it allows you to watch the football in peace as well, so it’s a win win really. Your partner gets some well needed relaxing time. You can watch the TV without anyone asking why the player with the weird haircut has different coloured football boots. Another tip with the bath running, make sure the heat of the water is just right and not freezing cold like one of the baths I ran for my partner. Accidentally put the cold tap on rather than hot, she wasn’t impressed.

6. Suffer Through Watching One Born Every Minute

This one will affect every father to be at some point in the pregnancy. Pregnant women seem to be obsessed with watching One Born Every Minute. Which if I’m honest creeps the hell out of me! There’s enough blood and gore for it to pass as a horror movie. I cringe every time the baby comes out, arms and legs flailing in every direction, blood everywhere. Lord knows how I’m going to cope when it’s time for my baby to come. I think I’ll be having a team of doctors looking after me through the birth, just to make sure I don’t faint.


So remember, when it comes to looking after a pregnant lady, there is no right way of doing this and you are going to piss her off multiple times throughout. Just do what you can to make sure she is as comfortable as possible. Ride out the abuse and shouting that you are going to get. It’s only for 9 months after all. Then you will have a small child screaming at you as well.


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