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Product Review – MyHummy

What is the one thing that every new parent craves more than anything? You’ve guessed it…sleep! It’s the one thing that has us tearing our hair out and sending us into meltdown. Trying to survive on little sleep can be challenging. Especially whilst trying to take care of a demanding baby, who really couldn’t care less if you are tired or not.

I was convinced that there was nothing that could be done to preserve sleep with a newborn baby, but I was very much mistaken! My partner and I decided to try the MyHummy in a hope that it would make a difference. I was extremely skeptical at first that something so small and affordable could really change our lives and allow us to get more sleep so that we could function like a regular human. I was very quickly proved wrong.

There are a few difference types of MyHummy to choose from. We decided to buy the Snoozy bear in the slate grey colour.

myhummy review

What does the MyHummy do?

The idea behind it is that the teddy plays white noise that will soothe a baby to sleep. White noise has been our best friend ever since we brought our baby home. We used it all the time to settle him, but it was a pain having to use a phone that was placed near his head. There was surely an easier way, and we found it. There are a few different sounds to choose from depending on what noise will calm your baby the best. We decided to choose the amniotic fluid with a heartbeat setting as we have used this sound before.

My baby hasn’t had the easiest start to life. We’ve experienced issues such as colic and silent reflux, so I was very much expecting the MyHummy to just be another method that failed after the first try. Surprisingly the first few nights of using it he was a lot more calm and settled.

What’s so good about it?

The best feature of the MyHummy is that the noise will fade away after an hour, but will kick back in whenever your baby starts to stir. This is great for babies that are unsettled during the night. The white noise will ensure that they settle back to sleep without the need for you to intervene. Obviously you won’t be so lucky every time, it doesn’t work miracles after all. If your baby is hungry then they will wake up regardless of what soothing music is playing. The MyHummy will play for 12 hours and then will turn off, but lets face it, there’s not a chance that you or your baby will be sleeping longer than 12 hours!

Another useful feature is that you don’t even need to remove the control box in order to change the settings. The button is large enough just to be able to work it from the outside. A change of batteries every so often is the only reason that the control box needs to be removed. The volume can be adjusted by holding down the button which makes it quick and easy to use.

My little boy went through a stage of going to sleep at roughly 9pm every night and sleeping all the way through until about 5am, which is amazing for such a young baby. I’m convinced that this was down to the MyHummy, as he had never slept for so long before that. There were moments in that period when a dummy had to be popped in. The noise kicked back in instantly and my baby was able to drift back to sleep without any fuss.

So is it worth the money?

I was so impressed with the MyHummy that I would definitely recommend it to any parent who is struggling to settle their child at night. I initially thought that £49.99 was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a stuffed toy. However, after seeing the effects that it has I would say it was worth every single penny. One of the best buys we have made as parents so far. Even for the lucky parents who have no issues at bedtime, it is still a useful purchase for encouraging self-settling within the night and will ensure that you get a decent nights sleep.

The full range of products can be found here!

If you would like more sleep, which every parent does, go and buy one!

myhummy review

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