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Product Review – Personalized Cart Wooden Watch

I want to thank for being the first company to recognise my blog as worthy of sending a free gift. It’s a massive achievement for me. I’ve never really seen my work as something that other than friends and family would be interested in. For a business to reach out and want to work with me is special. It has made me determined to enhance my blog even further. I was allowed to choose any item that I wanted from the website. There is some seriously cool stuff on there! For any stereotypical guy it’s heaven in a website. They have pocket knives, whiskey sets, bottle openers, whiskey barrels, wooden styled axes and beer steins! What more can a man want?!

The product that I was sent all the way from the US is the Men’s Wooden Watch which comes in various different styles. There’s the Natural Style Wood Watch that I have, and also the Bamboo Style that comes in a lighter tan colour. When the watch arrived, it was presented in a small engraved wooden box with wood shavings in. It just looked so cool! Definitely something that I will be keeping. watch reviews


Engraving your watch

The best part about the watch is that I was able to get it engraved to say whatever I wanted on it. I chose to have the name of my child ‘Austin’ engraved onto the back. It will be something that I can hand down to him when he is older. You can chose from 10 different fonts to make it even more personal if you are buying it as a gift for somebody.

watch reviews

This watch for the small price of $23 (or £16.44 for my UK friends) is a really trendy and affordable accessory that I will be wearing all the time for the foreseeable future. They are made from Natural Bamboo and Smooth Cowhide Leather which give it a light and comfortable feel. I have been wearing this watch to work everyday and I absolutely love it.

The website also has a blog section to it which looks at various different topics that you can read and is well worth a look at. There’s something for everybody to enjoy on this site. I will be using them again to create some really cool personalised gifts for an affordable price. They even sell personalised gifts for babies so I will checking these out for gift ideas for my son.

Everybody go and and check the site out at, I can guarantee you will find something that you like!

watch reviews


watch reviews

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