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Product Review – Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine…or as I like to call it, the clueless dad’s heavenly machine from the gods. I think my name has a much better ring to it don’t you think. This machine has been a life saver for me personally. As a first time dad who was pretty useless when it came to making bottles, this beautiful creation was a machine sent down from the heavens and I couldn’t have managed without it. I will point out that this post is not sponsored and is a completely unbiased review.

tommee tippee perfect prep machine
The greatest invention known to parents

What does it do?

The Tommee Tippee perfect bottle prep machine is designed to make the bottle making stage of feeding easier. It requires only tap water and formula to make the perfect bottle for your baby. Without the need to wait for hot water to cool down or for cold water to heat up. This is great for night time feeds especially as no sane human being wants to be fiddling around at half 3 in the morning trying to measure out volumes of water or staring at a bottle of boiling water waiting for it to cool to room temperature. Especially not with a hungry baby screaming it’s head off for food. He’s not the most patient of babies either and demands his food to be given to him right there and then. Let’s face it, nobody really likes waiting to be fed. The term ‘hangry’ certainly applies to newborn babies too!


So how does it work?

Firstly the container with the water must be topped up to a certain level for the machine to work. A bottle is placed on the platform underneath the dispenser. When the large button on top of the machine is pressed, boiling water is filtered into the bottle to a certain level. At this stage, the correct amount of formula should be scooped into the bottle. This will depend on what setting you have used on the dial. For a 4 ounce bottle, 4 scoops of formula will be needed. 5 scoops for 5 ounces and so on.

Then you will need to give the bottle a shake, but make sure you’ve put the lid on first! Formulated milk smells horrific and you don’t want that stinking out your kitchen. You have only two minutes to complete this part, otherwise you must start from the beginning, so make sure you don’t walk off or take too long scooping the formula. The bottle must be put back on the platform and the large button pressed again. It will then fill up with the correct amount of cold water to make the bottle at a perfect temperature. One last shake and your bottle is done. Pretty straight forward right? Even a novice like myself can manage it.

So what’s so good about it?

The best feature of the Tommee Tippee perfect bottle prep machine is that it is easy to use and makes the process quick! It removes the risk of human error and makes the temperature of the bottle perfect for your baby which means no waiting around for it to cool down. This means less time crying for your baby which makes everyone’s lives easier.

There is an easy to use dial on the top of the machine that allows you to easily choose how many ounces you want your bottle to be. The dial starts at 4 ounces and goes all the way up to 11 which will still come in handy up until your baby is starting to eat solid foods. To change the setting you need only to move the indented marker from one number to the next.

tommee tippee perfect prep machine
Easy to use dial to determine volume of water

Filling Up

The water in the container when filled up will easily last you throughout the night so there’s no need to constantly refill it. It will need to be topped up maybe once or twice a day depending on the volume of your bottles. This is impressive considering how often newborn babies feed.

The buttons may look a little intimidating at the bottom of the machine but they are actually quite simple to use. The top light will light up when the filter needs to be changed. The second light down will let you know if the temperature of the water is too high. The third will light up when the level of the water is too low. The fourth is the de-scale warning light and if this is lit, the machine must be de-scaled immediately. The bottom warning light is the cleaning mode light. Pretty straight forward and extremely useful.

tommee tippee perfect prep machine
Warning lights to help with maintenance

Does it have any drawbacks?

It has a few that can be a little problematic. The filter that lives in the water chamber costs a fair bit to replace. They are around  £8.99 each which isn’t cheap when you are buying everything else that comes along with having a baby. Although they are expensive they do last a while, we’ve been using the same one for nearly 2 months now and the filter replacement light hasn’t come on yet.

tommee tippee perfect prep machine
The filter used within the water chamber

Another potential drawback of this machine is that hospitals and midwives really seem to have an issue with parents using them. Apparently it can cause health problems. This is only true if the machine is misused and isn’t cleaned out regularly. If it’s taken care of then you should have no issues. The fact that professionals recommend not using them may put a lot of parents off, but you have to make the right choice for you. I personally wanted to use them and we’ve had no problems at all.

The machine is also pretty hefty and takes up a bit of room. I only have a small kitchen so it does take up a lot of space but I suppose for the job that it does it’s well worth it.

During the first weeks of using this, my baby was only drinking a couple of ounces. However the lowest setting the machine has is a 4 ounce bottle which meant a lot of wasted formula. Not ideal for saving money but something I could live with considering it didn’t take long until I needed them 4 ounce bottles.

To conclude…

In conclusion, I would highly recommend buying a Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine. It’s saved me so much time and effort making up bottles. It’s well worth the money spent on it as it’s something that gets used multiple times a day.

tommee tippee perfect prep machine

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