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Product Review – Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo

The Fisher Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo was bought for us by my mum. It’s been so good for us that I’ve decided to write this review about it. I can’t fault this product in any way and I would recommend any parent with small children to go out and get one.

When we first set it up I had no idea how popular this toy was going to be. Usually kids get bored after a while and move on to the next flashing bouncy toy they see. However, with the Jumperoo it has been very different. My 4 month old son Austin absolutely loves it and plays in it for long periods every day. Austin from an early age has had legs like tree trunks so a toy that required him to use his leg muscles was perfect.

jumperoo review

Enhancing Development

The great thing about the Jumperoo is that it enhances his sensory skills with all the lights and different noises that it makes. Whenever we turn on the music his eyes light up. You can see the excitement on his face! The music can be set on constant so that there’s no need to continuously turn it back on again. With most toys with music they can get really annoying very quickly, but with the Jumperoo I have found that I can withstand it for long periods, which is great for my sanity.

It’s also great for enhancing his gross motor skills as there is so much for him to play with. When we first put Austin into it he just sat there wondering what the hell we had done to him. Eventually though he worked out that he needed to bounce using his legs. This has been beneficial to him as he has even mastered bouncing on each foot in turn in a sort of walking motion. There are plenty of toys for him to reach out for whilst he is bouncing. His favourite is the spinning lion which he can now spin by himself.

jumperoo review

At first the sound shocked him but he thoroughly enjoys flicking it with his hand. There is also a sliding alligator, a butterfly teether, elephant and hippo toys to grab, and also a few soft monkeys that dangle from the sides. Austin quite often spends his time just staring at the monkeys above. Probably waiting for them to move or make a noise.

jumperoo review


Jumperoo features

The great thing about the Jumperoo is that it has a 360 degree rotation. Austin can choose which toys that he wants to play with. He hasn’t quite figured out how to do this yet but once he’s aware that it moves he will be making himself dizzy from spinning it around.

There are 3 different height setting that can be adjusted according to your baby’s height. As Austin is only 4 months old I have yet to move it from the bottom height. The ability to adjust it though means that it will certainly last him a long time.

jumperoo review

This product has been a life saver for us. It’s allowed us the freedom to actually put Austin down during the daytime which has been difficult previously, meaning that other jobs can be done at the same time. It has been the best toy that we’ve used by far. For parents who are on the fence on whether to buy one I would suggest going for it! It’s not the cheapest toy you will buy but for what it provides it’s well worth it.

jumperoo review


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