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Product Review: Summer Infants Pop N’ Sit Chair

It’s been a long time since I found a product that was worth enough of a review. However, we recently purchased a Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit chair and instantly fell in love with it. I wasn’t the only one. Austin has been sitting in it non stop since we bought it. Money definitely well spent. In this post, I will be sharing some of the many benefits this product has. This isn’t a sponsored post either, this is just my honest opinion of a brilliant product.

summer infant pop n sit

Benefits of Summer Infant Pop N’ Sit Chair

We have only had the chair a short amount of time, but already Austin has been making use of it. Any chance he gets he sits straight down. He often looks like an old man sitting peacefully in his deckchair. It’s a sight to behold. Here are some of the selling points of the chair…


The product comes in a small bag that is lightweight and easy to carry. In the bag contains the fold up chair and the food tray. Both parts fit inside the bag quite comfortable. The bag is great for if you are planning a day out somewhere, as it can be used instead of a highchair. We haven’t managed to take the chair out anywhere yet but it will definitely be coming with us on our next adventure.

summer infant pop n sit

Easy to collapse

The chair collapses and opens up very easily. Even for someone like myself who struggles to open the simplest contraption. To open it you only need to pull the legs out. To fold it back up, just push them back together. The food tray took me a little longer to figure out. Putting it on was easy, it just slots in. Taking it off took a little working out but it was actually very simple. Pushing the two tabs on the ends releases the tray and it slides right off. Easy.


Can be used anywhere

You can use the chair both indoors and outdoors. We have only used it inside so far but it can easily be taken anywhere you need. A family BBQ in the summer would be a great place to try it out. Or a trip to the park. As long as it placed on a level surface then it’s a perfect little resting place for your child.



The chair comes with a harness which allows you to strap your child in for added security. This is great for if you are feeding them and you don’t want them getting up and walking off. The straps also allow you to secure the chair to a higher surface like a bigger adult chair, giving extra height.

summer infant pop n sit


Lasts up until 3rd birthday

Austin is nearly 18 months old, so this product is one that we will be using for a long time. There is no chance of him outgrowing it any time soon.

summer infant pop n sit

I’m so impressed with this product. I’m just disappointed that we didn’t find it sooner. At a reasonable price of £29.99, you really can’t complain. I can’t wait to take the chair out with us in the summer and sit in the park. Austin sat in his throne eating his sandwiches and loving life. You can also get the chair in a pink colour too for the girls. This product would be great for any child.

Thanks Summer Infant for bringing such an amazing product into Austin’s life. We will definitely be visiting the website again for more useful items.



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