• gift ideas for toddlers
    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Sixteen: Gift Ideas For Toddlers

    Yesterday I wrote about how I plan to organise my life with a Bullet Journal. You can read that here!   Today I am going to be giving a helping hand to all the parents out there who have toddlers, and are struggling to think of what to buy for Christmas. It can be hard to think of ideas for toddlers, because they usually have enough toys to last a lifetime. You are running out of space in your house and there’s more stuffed bears than you care to admit. I know how it goes. Do children actually play with stuffed bears? My son prefers to mess around with plug…

  • decorating the christmas tree
    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Fourteen: Decorating The Tree

    Yesterday I interviewed a fellow blogger with some Christmas themed questions.   Today I will be talking about the most exciting part of Christmas…decorating the Christmas tree. It’s something that I look forward to all year round. Even now, when I have my own place with my own family, I still enjoy going back home to my Mum’s house and helping to decorate the tree for her. I don’t think that tradition will ever stop. You may be thinking, why don’t you just decorate your own tree and grow up like a normal human being. The honest answer to that is that I’m not allowed to decorate my own tree.…

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    Blogmas Day Thirteen: Christmas Questions With… Laura

    Yesterday I wrote all about what I like and dislike about the Christmas period.   It’s time for another Christmas themed interview now with another blogger. I interviewed Laura who I have been friends with for some time now and she has a brilliant blog which you should definitely check out.      1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?   My favourite thing about Christmas is everything! I just love the whole season, it’s my favourite time of year. I love the food – the roast potatoes, the turkey, gammon, stuffing! And give me ALL the yorkshire puddings! The food is just the best. But then I love the…

  • season of winter
    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Twelve: What I Love and Hate About Winter

    Yesterday’s post was all about what to buy for your Secret Santa. December can bring all types of emotions. It can be a month filled with happiness and Christmas spirit, and it can also be a royal pain in the ass. I’m going to be giving an insight into what I like and dislike about the winter period. What I Like About Winter Christmas! Everybody loves Christmas. Apart from the few Grinch’s out there, zapping all the Christmas joy out of the world. It’s a time where you can really spend quality time as a family and make so many memories. I’ve always looked forward to Christmas right from a…

  • meeting santa 2018
    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Ten: When Austin Met Santa

    For yesterday’s post I gave a few Elf on the Shelf ideas which you can catch up on here! Today I am going to be sharing with you the story of when Austin met Santa Claus for the very first time. It’s supposed to be a magical moment. Your child experiencing the magic that is Christmas. Children love Santa, and all of the magic that he brings. Austin clearly hadn’t got the message.  Austin has always had a fear of unfamiliar men, and some familiar men when he’s in a particular bad mood. He also seems to have a developed a phobia of beards as well. So as caring and…

  • christmas memories
    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Seven: My Christmas Memories

    For today’s blogmas post I thought it would be good fun (for you anyway) to share some photographs from previous Christmases. Some of these photos are from when I was young, and some from recent years. When I came across these pictures there was some serious cringing happening, especially the first couple. I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me about my Christmas memories. They certainly brought back some nice memories for me. December 1993 – 1 Year Old This is me enjoying my second Christmas at home, clearly having a lot of fun on a rocking horse. I would love to say that I avoided hitting the dog with it…

  • last christmas
    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Three: How I Spent Last Christmas

    If you missed yesterday’s blogmas post about my goals for December, then you can catch up by clicking here! This post is going to be an insight into what happened last Christmas in the Yule family. Last year was full of mixed emotions. There were reasons for celebration and reasons for reflection. There were moments when I was filled with happiness, and there were moments when tears were shed. One thing is for sure, I won’t be forgetting last Christmas any time soon. The Happy Times Christmas 2017 was Austin’s first ever Christmas, and we wanted to make it special for him. He was completely spoilt with presents, more than…

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    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day One: Introduction To Blogmas 2018

    It’s the 1st of December! Which means…Christmas is soon approaching. It’s considered the busiest time of the whole year. I’ll be buying Christmas presents last minute and wrapping them with seconds to spare. I have a one year old son who gives me very little time to organise Christmas. Just to top it off, I plan on moving into a new house in the weeks leading up to the big day. So what smart move did I recently make? I chose to commit to Blogmas! I must be mental, but the idea of writing a post everyday in December was very exciting. Will I be able to complete it? I…