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    Blogmas 2018

    Blogmas Day Nineteen: A Recap of 2018

    Yesterday I shared some pictures of my favourite decorated houses in my area which you can see here!   In today’s post I am going to be looking back on everything that happened this year, and there has been a lot. So many memories that have been life changing both in a positive and negative way. I’m ready to dive back into my memory to look back on a truly unforgettable year!   April – Family Wedding In Cornwall The first real significant event in 2018 didn’t take place until April. It was the wedding of two people, who I already class as family, coming together to tie the knot.…

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    Our Trip To Mallorca

    It’s time to share the story of my family’s first ever holiday! It isn’t the first holiday that we booked however. Just over a year ago Amy and I planned to go to Morroco on an adults only holiday. Sea, sun and suspiciously bad suntan lines. So why didn’t we make it on that particular holiday? One simple reason…one very strong and determined swimmer. I’d only gone and knocked Amy up 9 months before we were due to go away. This would have made her due date scarily close to the time we were planning on being sat beside a pool drinking cocktails. That was the end of that one.…

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    Flying With A One Year Old

    Flying has got to be the best method of transportation to arrive to your holiday destination. Having said that, have you ever tried flying with a toddler? I hadn’t until very recently. I took my one year old son on a two hour flight from Manchester to Mallorca. The shortest flight time that we could find! If you are also thinking of getting on a plane with a small child then let me share a few tips to make your journey that little bit easier. I must point out however, the results may vary. No Nappy Disasters Make sure your child’s nappy is on correctly. This one can be done…