decorating the christmas tree
Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Fourteen: Decorating The Tree

Yesterday I interviewed a fellow blogger with some Christmas themed questions.


Today I will be talking about the most exciting part of Christmas…decorating the Christmas tree. It’s something that I look forward to all year round. Even now, when I have my own place with my own family, I still enjoy going back home to my Mum’s house and helping to decorate the tree for her. I don’t think that tradition will ever stop.

You may be thinking, why don’t you just decorate your own tree and grow up like a normal human being. The honest answer to that is that I’m not allowed to decorate my own tree. I’m banned from touching it by my bossy fiancee with her serious OCD. There’s a colour scheme that needs to be followed and I just don’t have the time or the capability of following such strict rules. Every single bauble must be placed exactly in the right space and failing to do so will result in painful consequences. I was given more responsibility this year though, I was allowed to put one bauble on that was too high for her to reach, and then I was given the task of putting the star on top. Apparently this is a Dad’s job, which I was not aware of.

My Plan of Action

My usual strategy for decorating the tree is very simple. Organised chaos. This means that I decorate the tree with so much random crap, but it still looks relatively neat and tidy. The majority of the decorations that go onto the tree are crafts that I made as a child in school. We’ve been putting the same things on the tree for years now. With a few new ones just to freshen it up.

decorating the christmas tree

As you can see from the photo, there’s all sorts of mayhem going on here. Baubles, snowflakes, icicles, little Santas. Then the tinsel that goes over the top has been placed with absolutely no thought for colour schemes. It’s just whatever colour I felt like picking up next.

There’s a few decorations however, that always get a place right in the middle where you can easily see them.

decorating the christmas tree

This decoration is a little message for my Dad that always has a special place on the tree. I also have a different one that lives on my tree at home. It just makes me feel better knowing that he still has a place in my thoughts over Christmas.


I ran a poll on Twitter recently to see if more people prefer my way of decorating a tree, or if people preferred a more organised approach. I am very happy to announce that 60% of you that voted preferred to decorate your trees with the same organised chaos that I do. How do you dress your tree? Let me know in the comments section. You can even include a picture of your tree.

decorating the christmas tree

Tomorrow I will be letting you into a secret of how I plan to organise myself better in the new year.


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