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Blogmas Day Seventeen: Christmas Questions with Catherine

In yesterday’s post I gave a few gift ideas for toddlers which you can catch up on here!


It’s time for another Christmas themed interview with a fellow blogger. This one comes from one of my closest friends  Catherine, known as Bronzed Brunette in the blogging world. You can check out her blog here. It’s well worth a read!

1. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

My favourite thing about Christmas is the feeling it brings us all! The closeness of family and friends is a true blessing!

2. What’s your favourite Christmas song?

This is a hard one! It’s a tie between ‘Last Christmas’ by Wham, and ‘All I want for Christmas is You’ by Mariah Carey! Once you hear these songs, you know it’s almost Christmas time, and it gets you dancing!!

3. Favourite Christmas movie?

My all time fav movie is the Grinch!! It just makes me so happy, and gets me so excited for Christmas! I do really love Home Alone though aswell!! I’ll sit and binge watch them this Christmas as I have them both on dvd!!

4. What family traditions do you have over the Christmas period?

We don’t really have any family traditions, we used to always play Simpsons Cluedo, which was amazing!! Until I used all the slips you have for it! So now we usually play like Trivial Pursuit, although all the questions are proper old school, so it’s so hard! But it’s the quality time together that makes it all fun!

5. What’s the strangest present you have ever received?

I can’t really recall any strange presents, however, my mum hid one of my presents once in a box of weetabix, so I was a bit like what the hell! But she did it so I couldn’t guess what it was by the shape of it! So it was quite funny!!

6. How did you spend Christmas last year?

Christmas last year, I spent at home – as always with my family! I did go to my boyfriends at the night time though, for a little party 🎉

7. Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

My goals are to be happier and healthier within myself! I hope to be happy with what I’m doing in my career. I also want to be happy with the way I look!


Thank you so much Catherine for being involved in Blogmas 2018. You can find all of Catherine’s social media links below. Make sure to go check them out.

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In tomorrow’s post I will be sharing some photographs of the best Christmas decorations in my area.



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