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Blogmas Day Twenty-Four: Christmas Eve Meal

Yesterday I gave some pointers on some Blogmas post ideas if you want to be involved yourself next year. You can find that post here!


Today is Christmas Eve! One more day to go until the big day. If you are like me, then you are probably still frantically wrapping the last of your presents, that’s if you’ve actually finished buying them. Christmas Eve can be full of magical moments and family traditions. I wrote in a previous Blogmas post about my usual Christmas traditions, however there is one other tradition that happens on Christmas Eve that is relatively new to my life.


Christmas Eve 2016

Every year since I’ve been in a relationship with Amy, I have been invited to the annual Christmas Eve dinner at the Little Manor in Thelwall. I first experienced this back in 2016, back when I had zero responsibilities and life was easy. Things have changed dramatically every year since then. The only thing that I needed to worry about the first time I went was not slopping food all down my shirt in front of Amy’s family. Thankfully, I survived.


Christmas Eve 2017

Last year was my second Little Manor experience, and so much had changed in that year. Amy and I had been through a whole pregnancy and popped out a little boy (I didn’t do much of the popping out part). Austin was 3 months old by the time Christmas came around. It had been a busy year! The guest list had grew thanks to my super swimmers working their magic! There was also a place at the table last year for my mum and brother. It was nice for my family and Amy’s family to spend time together as a group.

As you can tell from the picture, I clearly hadn’t worked out how to best hold a baby. I still had hold of him in a ‘Simba from Lion King’ kind of position. Austin’s double chins did not appreciate this method of handling. The Christmas outfit Austin had on was adorable, however I doubt he would allow us to dress him quite so festive this year.


Christmas Eve 2018

Tonight will be my third installment of the Wilson family meal, and I’m looking forward to it more than ever. The guest list has grown by a few more this year, so I think we may have to book out the entire place to fit us all in. It’s nice when you can get all the family together for once and enjoy each other’s company with some good food and drink. That’s how Christmas Eve should be spent!

I want to know if you have any Christmas Eve traditions that happen every year, or if you are trying something new this time around.


Tomorrow is my last Blogmas post, in which I will be reflecting back on my experience taking part in Blogmas.

christmas eve meal

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