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Blogmas day Twenty-One: Christmas Questions With… Amy

Yesterday I wrote about my goals for 2019. You can catch up with that post here!


Today I have my final Christmas themed interview, but this one will be a little different. The interviewee is none other than my fiancee Amy, who I really wanted to be involved with my Blogmas experience. She was very happy to answer my questions and I’m very pleased with the results. Enjoy!


1. Favourite Thing About Christmas

I don’t have a specific favourite ‘thing’ about Christmas, just the general vibe everyone seems to have around this time of year. Everyone around me seems excited, with something to look forward to. Spending time with family and friends, eating too much, a break from work (for most people). It just makes me smile seeing everyone else excited and puts me in a good mood.


2. Favourite Christmas Song

My answer to this is probably a little odd as it’s not actually a traditional Christmas song. It’s a song called ‘Have A Little Faith In Me’ by John Hiatt. It’s in a Christmas themed film that I used to love watching as a child, so always reminds me of Christmas now. And as an adult the song has also become quite sentimental to me too because I used to listen to it a lot when you buggered off to Zambia for months!


3. Favourite Christmas Movie

Apart from the one mentioned in the last question (which is ‘Look Who’s Talking Now’) I’d have to say ‘Prancer’. I remember always watching it on Christmas Eve with my sister. It’s probably one of the lesser known ones but it’s such a great film.


4. Family Traditions

When I was younger and my mum used to work on Christmas Eve, me, my dad and sister used to spend the day in our pyjamas on the sofa, under our duvets with a tin of roses or quality street and watch Christmas films all day. Now, as an adult, I’ve worked on Christmas Day for a few years, and will be working on Christmas Day this year too. I’m hoping though that now I have a family of my own we can start some new traditions just for us.


5. Strangest Present

I remember when I was younger (I’d say pre-teen age), my mum’s brother bought me a sports hoodie. It was a size 14 (I hadn’t hit puberty yet and struggled to fit in size 6-8 clothes). It was also from the women’s maternity range! So yeah, definitely odd!


6. How Did You Spend Christmas Last Year?

Last year, I had a tiny 3 month old baby and was on my maternity leave so had a rare Christmas Day off work. We had a lovely morning opening all of Austin’s presents (he had so many!) and taking lots of pictures of him. Then we had a good time spending the rest of the day with your mum and brother, and opening even more presents!


New Years Resolutions

I haven’t really thought about any yet to be honest. I can’t wait for us to move into our new home together where we’ll officially be homeowners. I’ve found the past couple of months and the whole process quite stressful so looking forward to us actually getting in and settled. I’d say that could probably be a resolution for me… Not to get so stressed out about everything and just relax a little!


Thank you to Amy for answering my questions and being involved in my Christmas themed posts. Amy has been amazing, taking the lead in our buying of our house process and she deserves so much credit. I’ve definitely got myself a keeper and I’m very much looking forward to moving in, and to continue to plan our wedding next year.

christmas themed questions

Tomorrow I will be sharing with you some of my favourite Blogmas posts from the past month.


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