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Blogmas Day Six: Christmas Traditions

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For today’s post I will be looking back on some of my favourite Christmas traditions from years gone by. Every family has little things that they do every single year that makes their Christmas special and unique. Here’s some of mine…

The Christmas Hits

Our Christmas mornings would always start with some classic festive music. It would be the same CD every year blasting songs from Slade and Mariah Carey. It was a great way of getting in the Christmas spirit. The music would be playing for a couple of hours before we’d had enough and it would be turned off. Or even worse when someone started singing along.

Paying Respects

Before we’d do anything, we would take a visit to the cemetery to lay a wreath for my Dad’s parents. This was something that we did every single year, regardless of the weather. I never met my Dad’s parents, but it was still a tradition that I always wanted to be involved in. It was important to my Dad, and so it was important to me. As I’ve got older, it’s become clearer to me why this was such an important part of our Christmas Day.

Present Opening

As a child this was always the most exciting part of Christmas. The Christmas tree was always in the second living room with the door closed so there was no peeking. My brother and I would mither for everyone to come in and open presents together. My dad would always be the last one in. Tearing him away from the kitchen and his Christmas stuffing was the biggest challenge. There had to be a system to opening presents though, you couldn’t just start grabbing random boxes. We would organise them into separate piles, sad I know! There would always be a few presents from ‘Santa’ under the tree, which had labels written in very suspicious looking handwriting. I can’t believe it took me so long to realise that it was the exact same handwriting that my mum has. I bet she thought we were such gullible little kids.

Christmas Dinner

This meal signified more than just eating. It was the one time in the whole year when we would all sit down together at the table. My Dad would have been slaving away in the kitchen for days trying to prepare this meal, and it never disappointed. There would be crackers on the table that he’d stolen from work with lame jokes and stupid hats. We would all read them out and sigh at how terrible they were. It was nice just to sit as a family and talk to each other. For one day, nobody was ‘too busy’ or off doing their own thing.

Evening Entertainment

By the time that the evening came, everyone was bloated and exhausted from eating far too much food. We would all collapse in the living room and attempt to watch a movie. It didn’t have to be a Christmas film. For years and years I attempted to get everyone to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It would be half an hour through and I would turn round to see if everyone was watching it. Mum and Dad would be fast asleep, snoring their heads off, and my brother would have got bored and left. I’d basically end up sat watching it by myself every year. I think it took 3 years just to finish the first movie.

If we weren’t watching (sleeping through) a film then we would be playing board games. It wouldn’t be the same without having to explain the rules to my Dad over and over again and him still not know what he was doing. Then he would start deliberately cheating half way through. Playing games was great fun, until my little brother got fed up with losing and would flip the board.


Once you’ve become an adult, you realise just how special these little traditions were, and they are memories that you never forget. I’m hoping now that I have my own family that we can have new traditions that will stay with us for years to come.

Let me know what Christmas traditions your family has that you do religiously every year…


Check out tomorrow’s post which will include countless embarrassing pictures from previous Christmases.

christmas traditions

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