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Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Sixteen: Gift Ideas For Toddlers

Yesterday I wrote about how I plan to organise my life with a Bullet Journal. You can read that here!


Today I am going to be giving a helping hand to all the parents out there who have toddlers, and are struggling to think of what to buy for Christmas. It can be hard to think of ideas for toddlers, because they usually have enough toys to last a lifetime. You are running out of space in your house and there’s more stuffed bears than you care to admit. I know how it goes. Do children actually play with stuffed bears? My son prefers to mess around with plug sockets and cupboard doors. He has no time for cuddly toys.

So what are you supposed to buy a  toddler then? I’m going to give you a few ideas that are a little more ‘outside the box’. Hopefully there is something that would appeal to your child.


Wooden Activity Cube

I didn’t even realise that these existed until very recently, but what a contraption it is! There are so many different parts that your child can play with which can enhance every area of their development. We have bought Austin one for Christmas this year and I’m so excited to see him play with it. They come in all different versions, depending on what your child likes to play with. The one we have bought comes with a blackboard, a number board and some sliding counters. The lid of the cube also comes off and turns around to make a classic style bead chaser. There’s so much for young children to learn.


Bath Toys

One of my favourite activities I like to do with my son is take a bath. He loves the water and we both splash around and just be silly. I recently noticed that we had hardly any bath toys for him to play with, which made me think…that would be a great idea for a Christmas present! We have bought Austin some floating farm animals that squirt water, and also a bath set that comes with stacking cups, little boats with sailor figures, and fish shapes that can be linked together. There is so much learning that can be done during bath time, and I’m looking forward to Austin and I trying out our new bath toys.


Metal Pots and Pans Set

If your child is anything like mine and plays with everything that he isn’t supposed to, then you’ll understand why I have included this gift idea. My son loves to raid the cupboards to find something to mess with, and usually he comes out carrying a big, heavy saucepan and a pan lid. Obviously these aren’t the most hygienic of toys and they really are heavy for him, so we decided to buy him his own pots and pans set for Christmas. There is the option to buy a wooden set which will make less noise, but we knew that these wouldn’t cut it, so we went for the metal set which I assume will be banged around first thing in the morning.



Hopefully there is something in this post that has given you some inspiration on what to buy your little ones. My advice is to avoid books and teddy bears as you can guarantee that your child will be receiving them left, right and centre from other family and friends anyway.

gift ideas for toddlers

Tomorrow I have another Christmas themed interview with a fellow blogger!


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