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Blogmas Day Twenty-Five: My Blogmas Experience


That’s right, the big day has finally arrived! By now I imagine you have already opened your presents and are halfway through a box of celebrations. I hope Santa has been kind to you all this year. For my final Blogmas post, I have decided to reflect on the last 25 days. I’d never even heard of Blogmas a couple of months ago. I had no idea what I would be letting myself in for. A new blog post every day was the challenge, and somehow I’ve made it to the end.

My Blogmas experience has been a stressful one, but one that I have enjoyed. Trying to find the time to write a new post for each day whilst holding down a full time job, carry out my roles as a father all whilst in the process of buying our first house, has been difficult. That’s without even taking into account Christmas, and all of the chaos that comes with that. Buying presents, wrapping presents, delivering the presents. It’s a miracle that I’m still standing with my mental health still in one piece.

I hope that doing this has inspired other bloggers that if you put your mind to something and you don’t give up, you really can achieve anything you want to. I’m so proud of myself for achieving this target at the first time of trying. If you took part in Blogmas but didn’t manage to make it to the end, then you should still be proud that you even attempted it. Posting every day for 25 days is a huge ask.

my blogmas experience

If anybody is interested in taking part in Blogmas next year, then my advice to you would be to get writing in November and plan ahead. Get ahead of the game and give yourself less to do when December arrives. A full blog post on how to achieve Blogmas will be out at the end of next year.

Thank you to everyone that has been keeping up to date with my Blogmas posts, it’s been humbling to see just how many people have been reading. For those who have been sick of the sight of me during this time, I can reassure you that it’s all over now!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas, and makes the most of every second of your family time. Stuff your faces, be merry and cherish every moment!

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