christmas memories
Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Seven: My Christmas Memories

For today’s blogmas post I thought it would be good fun (for you anyway) to share some photographs from previous Christmases. Some of these photos are from when I was young, and some from recent years. When I came across these pictures there was some serious cringing happening, especially the first couple. I hope you enjoy reminiscing with me about my Christmas memories. They certainly brought back some nice memories for me.

December 1993 – 1 Year Old

christmas memories

This is me enjoying my second Christmas at home, clearly having a lot of fun on a rocking horse. I would love to say that I avoided hitting the dog with it but I can’t promise this. The sofas and the carpet are slightly questionable, but this was back in the olden days when style was a little different.

December 2002 – 10 Years Old

christmas memories

christmas memories
December 2002

This picture is one that I only recently came across when looking through the albums trying to find embarrassing pictures. It’s actually one that doesn’t embarrass me at all, but fills me with a lot of happiness. My mum had clearly taken the photo, but it was a time when the four of us were all together, a very happy family. Sat around the dinner table enjoying Christmas dinner. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m the cool guy in the stripy jumper, clearly stuffing my face with food. One thing I am unsure about in this picture is the wallpaper choice. It’s very blue and very flowery. Clearly my Dad had no input into the decision.

Something I did notice is the wall chart next to the calendar titled ‘Michael’s Star Chart’. This was obviously a time when he was behaving like a little shit. Not a lot has changed in the last 16 years.

December 2004 – 12 Years Old

christmas memories
December 2004

Two years later in 2004 I clearly still had a decent fashion sense. Here I’m rocking the Umbro hooded jumper with the matching trackie bottoms. The Christmas hat really does finish off the look. I still have no idea why I wasn’t scouted as a child model, it’s always baffled me. Here I am clutching what looks to be a very expensive DVD player. A device that has now passed it’s worth. If you look closely at my mouth you can just see the missing tooth which left a gap that I’m sure I was whistling out of every time I spoke. The TV behind me is something to behold. I reckon if that had toppled over on top of me I may not have survived.

December 2017 – 25 Years Old

christmas memories
December 2017

Last Christmas was all about Baby Austin. He was only a few months old here and looks content after a bottle feed. There’s a party hat on his head and milk running down his chin. A perfect way to spend any Christmas I would say. I’m looking forward to spending my second Christmas with him, to see how it differs from last year. He might even be able to open his own presents, and then presumingly play with all the cardboard boxes that his toys came in.

I have been lucky enough to have been given so many special Christmas memories. My parents worked hard to ensure that there were presents under the tree and food on the table and I can never thank them enough for that. When we are children we never fully appreciate exactly what we’ve got but now that I am an adult (of sorts) I can see just how lucky I was.

If you are struggling to think of Christmas gift ideas then keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s Blogmas post in which I will be doing my best to help you out.

christmas memories


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