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Blogmas Day Twenty-Two: My Favourite Blogmas Posts

Yesterday I interviewed my very own fiancee with some Christmas themed questions which you can catch up on here!


Today I am going to sharing some of my favourite Blogmas posts that I have come across over the last few weeks. Everyone who has taken part in Blogmas and made it to this point deserves a massive amount of credit, and I’m proud of every single one of you. It really isn’t easy to maintain and I can see why so many bloggers drop out.

Here are my favourite Blogmas posts that I have come across. Enjoy!

Lorna’s Leaning

My first mention goes to my very good friend Lorna who writes an amazing blog. Her Blogmas posts have all been SO good, and you should definitely check them out. My favourite one, so far, was Day 15, when she wrote about her favourite things about Christmas. Lorna really embraces every single aspect of Christmas and I love how excited she is about all the Christmas adverts!


Malcolm’s Mummy

Malcolm’s First Christmas Party

This is a blogger who has supported many of my Blogmas posts by commenting and liking so many times, so it’s time to show my appreciation. My favourite Blogmas post that she has written is one about her little boy meeting Santa. I also wrote a similar post about my little boy meeting Santa, so I could completely relate to it. I think Malcolm managed to keep it together a lot better than Austin did!


Lucy Elizabeth

Lucy is a blogger who I have never interacted with, but I came across her blog recently, and I was very impressed by her amazing content. This shows in her already big Twitter following. The post that really caught my eye was the one where she interviewed a PR, which is something that not many bloggers get the opportunity to do. This post gave so much useful information which will give so many writers the ability to pitch to PR companies successfully.


Brian and Chelsea – Two of a Mind

Brain and Chelsea share a blog which sounds like it wouldn’t work, but it definitely does! I’ve kept up to date with a lot of their posts and I am never disappointed with their content. My favourite post that I read recently was about the top ten Christmas movies to watch around the holidays. There are some cracking movies on the list. Everybody loves a good Christmas film around the festive season, so head on over to their blog and maybe get some inspiration for your Christmas evening film in front of the fire!


Jordan – My Flourishing Retrospect

This is another blogger that I have never interacted with, but came across her blog recently during Blogmas. The post that I enjoyed the most was ’12 kind things to do this Christmas’. What a thoughtful and unique idea! This post was inspirational and had so many good ideas on some kind things that you can be doing over the Christmas period. Christmas is often a time when some people really rely on the kindness of those more fortunate. So if you have a spare minute, take a read of this post and maybe it will inspire you to change somebody’s Christmas for the better!


Bailey Leah

Bailey is a blogger that I’ve often noticed on Twitter, but never realised how good her blog actually was. At the very young age of 15, yes 15, she writes as though she has been doing it forever! Such a mature writer for her age. My favourite Blogmas post of hers is day 9 and her Christmas traditions. It’s great reading that she has so many traditions that get her into the Christmas spirit. Although having your tree and decorations up in November…must be crazy!


I hope you have enjoyed reading some of these Blogmas posts as much as I have. All of these bloggers are so talented and they all inspire me to continue writing myself. Go and give every one of them a follow.

my favourite blogmas posts

Tomorrow I will be helping you out if you are planning on taking part in Blogmas next year, with a list of potential Blogmas post titles.


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