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Blogmas 2018

Blogmas Day Two: My Goals For December

It’s day two of Blogmas. If you missed day one, my introduction to Blogmas, then you can catch up here.

Today I will be sharing my goals for December. I’m not usually one to be setting myself goals because I think that it can cause unnecessary pressure, when blogging should really be about having fun. I’ve decided against my own advice for December however as I want to see if I can actually set a target and meet it, just for the sense of achievement if nothing else. Here is what I want to achieve by the end of December:


Complete Blogmas

As I stated in Day One of Blogmas, I have a lot of distractions in my crazy life that means posting a new blog post every day is going to be very challenging. I usually average one post per week which is a struggle in itself, so I’m really going to have to pull my finger out to complete this one. The hardest part is going to be when I attempt to turn myself into a full time photographer trying to get enough Christmas pictures. I may have to pull out the big guns and take my camera into the town centre when it’s all decorated and just take snaps of everything.


2,000 Twitter followers

Reaching this milestone is going to be near impossible, but I don’t see the sense of aiming low. Might as well aim high and see how close I can get. I’m currently jumping between 1,800 and 1,810 so it will take a lot to gain enough followers to hit my target. If you are reading this and you are on Twitter then go and see how I’m doing and if I’m still nowhere near then help a struggling guy out and hit the follow button!


Paid Opportunities

In the back end of October I received my first ever paid work on my blog. It was only a small amount of money for a very short post which was unrelated to anything that I usually write, but there was a sense of achievement that my blog was finally going places after 18 months of hard work. I’d been sent free items before in exchange for an honest product review, but there’s something different about actually earning money from a blog post. I’m hoping in December and the new year that I can push on even further and work with other organisations that work around the niche that I’m working on.


New House, New Start

I’m hoping that by the time Christmas comes around we will be living in a new home. We are in the process of buying our very first house. I feel I will have hit full adulting mode when I have a mortgage to pay for. It doesn’t get anymore grown up than that. Moving house right before Christmas probably isn’t the best timing but life doesn’t always present these opportunities at the perfect time. Hopefully we will be able to wake up on Christmas morning in a new house that we can call our own.


Besides all these goals that I have set, the main focus of December will just be to spend as much time as possible with my family and have the best time that we can. I also want to make sure that my little boy Austin enjoys his second Christmas. Let me know if you have any goals for December, or any New Year’s Resolutions for January.


Tomorrow’s post…… What I Did Last Christmas

december goals


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