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Our Exciting Day Out to Acorn Farm

I recently took Austin on a day out to Acorn Farm in Liverpool. It was such a nice day out. It can often be difficult with a small child to find places to go without breaking the bank. Acorn Farm was somewhere that I came across on Google and I decided we would give it a try. A couple of months ago I took Austin to Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm which he really enjoyed, so we were eager to see what this one was like.

The first thing that attracted me to this farm is how affordable it is to get in. Costing just £3 for adults and £2 for children over 1, it fitted right in with my budget. I felt like I wasn’t breaking the bank. I did pay a little extra to be able to feed the birds and the sheep. The staff gave us two big bags of feed which Austin really enjoyed giving to the animals. We also received little stickers which Austin insisted on showing everyone.

There were plenty of animals there to keep the kids entertained. Sheep, goats, chickens, meerkats, pigs, donkeys. Most of the animals were close enough to be able to pet too. We had a try at feeding the birds and the sheep. Austin wasn’t too keen on the sheep. The baaing noise terrified the life out of him. The birds were slightly more successful, even though he was essentially just throwing the food at them.

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When we weren’t feeding the animals, Austin was enjoying the adventure playgrounds. There were multiple play areas for different age groups dotted around the farm. The hard part was trying to get Austin to leave. He was particularly entranced by a tractor that he could sit in, right inside the entrance. It was the perfect size for him, with a steering wheel so that he could pretend to drive it.

acorn farm

After we had finished with the animals and the play areas, it was time to get some food. There was a little cafe that sold really nice homemade meals for a decent price. Austin had chicken and chips with beans. It was a fairly large portion and the quality was decent!

One of the things that I was most impressed about was the fact that a lot of the people who worked there, or volunteered were disabled. Nearly every single one of them had Down’s Syndrome. It was so lovely to see them all doing something just because they enjoyed it. Fair play to the farm for employing so many inspiring people, even just as volunteers. It meant that there was a feel good atmosphere about the place.

I would definitely recommend paying Acorn Farm a visit. It has a friendly feel to it and the staff are so welcoming. The prices are affordable and you get a lot for your money.

Have you already been to Acorn Farm? Did you find you had a similarly pleasant experience or did you leave disappointed. Let me know in the comments section.

acorn farm


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