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Amy Amelie is a loving mother of two a boy and a beautiful girl, over the years she has gained quite a lot of experience while managing those little whipper snappers and is now writing to share her experience with other moms out there. You can find a ton of her other blogs on


When we become parents our kids become the most important part of our lives, we try and try everyday just to see them smile, just to give them every little thing they desire. Because let’s face it, who can say no to their adorable little faces, and saying No to a kid as a parent is the worst thing. That’s why most of the time we always end up saying yes, just because we don’t want to break their tiny little hearts.

Now, even after saying yes over and over again to them, the thing about kids is that they will always be greedy, and at some point down the line our care for them will just end up spoiling them, as a parent it’s really important to differentiate between coddling and spoiling. But to learn on how to differentiate we should first know what each word actually means.


To coddle your child is like being over protective of them providing them things they need, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and relationship of yours and your child.


While coddling means being over protective and providing for your child, spoiling takes place when coddling excess is over flowed. By constantly coddling and providing for your kid, he/she doesn’t learn the value of things, and will always expect to get away in trouble just because the parents are nice.

Now that you know the true meaning of coddling and spoiling let us get back to the topic at hand, which is on how to differentiate between these two feelings.


Since there are plenty of things that a parent does sometimes they forget that thin line of coddling and spoiling but here to keep those feelings of yours in check are some points you should always abide to. Just so you don’t end up coddling your kid into an introvert or coddling them into a spoiled brat, with an arrogant side.

  • Give them something when they deserve it. Half the times parents end up providing too much even when the child hasn’t earned anything. Now in their mind those gifts are creating a stronger bond between them and their child. But in reality you’re just making them loose interest in working hard, and making them, forget the feeling of accomplishment has its own rewards.
  • Loving is all good but being a little harsh won’t hurt sometimes. Most of the times parent take coddling too far, that they end up loving their child even when they make mistakes. No! Don’t do that, because of this sort of coddling from a parent. The kid doesn’t realize his or hers mistake and will always end up doing the same thing all over again. Since they know they will always get away with it.
  • Talk to them, about every little thing. Since coddling is quite similar to pampering you may often forget that in life there are quite hectic roads awaiting them so talking to them and explaining every little thing before hand is the best practice you should do. Why? Because not only will this practice help their mind develop more promptly instead of being frivolous on occasions. But will also help them differentiate between the good and the bad without having to rely on you.

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