Help! My Baby Has Gone!

My baby has disappeared. Gone. Never to be seen again. I miss the little guy, his tiny little feet, his little button nose. I remember the days when he would curl up on my chest and sleep for hours and hours without even a stir.

If you’re reading this and suddenly starting panicking, you can relax. I haven’t managed to leave him sat in an ASDA shopping trolley just yet. Austin is safe and well, and asleep in his bed. The sleep part won’t last long mind. I’m actually referring to the fact that my son is no longer a little baby, but a little boy! An actual real life, farting, burping, smacking, kicking little boy.

This is Austin at a few weeks old.

Look at him now!

I remember everyone telling me when he first arrived…”make the most of it … it won’t last … they don’t stay small forever”. At the time I found it rather annoying. I now see what they meant. Austin is now army crawling, eating actual adult meals and attempting to say real words!

As a brand new parent, it’s natural that you look forward to reaching the milestones. We are all guilty of saying things like…”I can’t wait until they are walking” or “I’m really looking forward to when they can talk so we can have a conversation”. All this excitement of what’s to come means that we sometimes forget to enjoy the moment. Let’s face it, when Austin does start walking I’m going to spend every hour awake chasing him round supermarkets desperately trying not to lose him. As for when he starts talking properly, I’m going to invest in some noise cancelling headphones. There won’t even be anything playing, it’ll just be to block out the noise.

I first realised that I no longer have a baby, but a little boy when I encountered a favourite of any parent…the first tantrum. Wow, my child can throw one. I remember when the only time he cried was when he was hungry, or tired. Now he cries because you won’t let him put his hands down the toilet. Austin seems to think that everything is his, and he’s not a great sharer. It was when I took my car keys off him (which were sharp enough to take out an eye) when I realised that my child was growing up far too quickly. He looked me dead in the eyes and screamed. The bottom lip came out and he even managed to pull out a few real tears just to make it even more dramatic.

Austin is now eating like a horse. I’ve never known a child consume so much food. He manages to eat three big meals a day, with snacks, and still kicks off when I don’t give him all of my food too. He’s like a human hoover. I’ve caught him on several occasions trying to pick up crumbs from the floor and put them in his mouth. I can imagine that this will only get worse as he gets older. We have a family history of eating things we shouldn’t for example handfuls of mud from the garden (you know who you are!)

Much to my delight, Austin has only said a handful of words so far, one of which being “Dada!” I keep promising Amy that I’m doing everything in my power to get him to say ‘Mama’ but so far there’s been no progress. I swear he said it once, but when I tried to film him saying it again he refused to say it. I’m gloating now but when he’s talking properly and shouting ‘Dada’ every 5 seconds I’ll be the one having a breakdown.

Austin is nearly 11 months now! Pretty soon I will have to start making plans for his birthday. That’s right, I’m going to have a 1 year old son soon. I still remember the day when he arrived when I dashed out of work and rushed Amy to the hospital. Raising a child really does go too fast, and you should listen to all of them annoying comments that experienced parents give you. They aren’t lying. So enjoy every minute of them growing up, I’ll definitely be making the most of every second from now on.

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