Help! I have a date!

First Date Jitters

First dates can either be the most exciting and exhilarating time of a young person’s life, or the most terrifying. Unfortunately for me, I fall into the second option. Before you can even start to think about what you are going to do on a first date, your potential dating partner needs to actually agree to come. I mean, a first date sat there by yourself would be so much easier, but not much fun. With Amy, I decided the best way to ask her was just to drop it casually into conversation.

So smooth…

I think i deserve a round of applause for my smoothness there. Now that I had gotten over the surprise of a girl agreeing to go on a date with me, I now needed to decide on the most important thing….where to take her. This is usually the most difficult decision to make, as the location of the date will show how imaginative you are, and whether you have even listened when talking about each other’s likes and dislikes. I knew that Amy had a liking for the unique and all things vintage, so I decided to take her to a cosy little pub called The Fiddle I’th Bag in Burtonwood. It is without doubt the most random place imaginable. Christmas trees hanging from the ceiling, thousands of books, uniforms, old cameras and mannequins sitting at the bar. Now I had my location, I just needed to work out what the hell I was going to do next.

An OCD sufferer’s worst nightmare…

The Calm Before the Storm

Leading up to my date with Amy, I will admit, I was bricking it. Even though I value myself as a decent guy with good morals and values, I still feel the pressure when it comes to getting that across on a first date, and the fear of somebody not liking me makes me extremely tense and laughably awkward. I’ve often thought about writing into Lynx to ask them to create a stronger deodorant specifically designed for guys who get overly nervous and sweaty on a first date, I reckon they would make a fortune!

When you think about it, first dates are like a really informal interview for a potential relationship. We ask each other questions and try and give the best answer we can to try and impress the other person, hoping for them to see that you are qualified for the job.

“So what can you bring to the table in this relationship?”

“Well, I can cook, clean, wash the dishes. I don’t snore and I can sometimes be romantic”.

Then at the end of the date, you both decide whether the candidate is right for the job, or whether a cruel and heartbreaking rejection is needed. “Congrats, you seem nice, lets go out!” or “Unfortunately, you have not been successful in your application, please feel free to try again sometime in the future”.

Date Time

It was finally time to put my nerves aside, and take Amy on our first date. I rocked up at her house nice and early, smartly dressed and with my eyes stinging from the amount of aftershave I’d used. She had obviously been peeping out of the window waiting for me to arrive, as she opened the front door and came outside before I could even make it halfway up the drive. I could instantly tell that she has gone to some serious effort to make herself look her best, she looked incredible! We got into my car and started to drive off. As soon as this happened, my heart dropped. As the floor has been wet outside, my shoes were wet too, and made the most horrendous noise when I lifted the clutch. I was mortified. Every time I opened my mouth to say something, all that could be heard was the shrieking of my shoes. Nice job on the first impression Ste, good work! I knew that Amy had heard the noise, but she was probably too busy pissing herself laughing to make any sort of comment.

The date itself went surprisingly well, we talked all night and I supplied her with plenty of wine. The conversation just flowed nicely, which was a first for me. I was beginning to realise that this girl was something special, as she could make me feel calm and at ease with very little effort. I felt at home when I was around Amy and┬ádidn’t feel the need to fill any awkward silences with terrible jokes or cheesy chat up lines. I liked her a lot and was pretty sure she felt the same way. Amy didn’t actually tell me this for certain, but the fact that she had invited me on a second date the very next day was a pretty good indication that she was fairly impressed.

Mission Accomplished

It was time to leave, so I paid the bill like a true gentleman and we headed outside. As the date had gone so well, it was inevitable that there was one more opportunity for me to make an arse out of myself, which I did by tripping out of the door of the pub, only just managing to keep my dignity by staying upright. Smooth Ste, very smooth! I drove Amy home and walked her back to her door (again like a true gentleman). Now it was time for the dreaded dilemma every guy faces at the end of a first date…does she want me to kiss her or not? I know that she likes me, as we have a second date set up for tomorrow, but will I ruin it all by coming on to strong? On the drive back to Amy’s house, I had images of this in my head…



Thankfully, my experience went a lot more successfully than that, I gave Amy a hug and kissed her. I waited for the punch to the face or the awkward push away, but it didn’t come, and I had survived. For once in my life, I had made it through a first date, with zero awkwardness (discounting the squeaky shoes and trip out the door) and a second date to look forward to. Maybe I was turning into a dating master, the king of dating, Sir Date-alot. Or maybe I’d just been lucky and found a girl who brings out my good side. What I knew for sure was that this day would be the start of something very special, and that sometimes, just sometimes, the quiet and shy guys come out on top.


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