We’re Pregnant!

There is one scenario that every guy is terrified of, the time where time stands still and emotions hit the roof! Yes, I’m talking about the day that you realise that you’ve created another life.

Just a Normal Day

I had gone round to Amy’s house just like I would any other day, we spent the evening doing a lot of nothing, lounging around watching crap on TV.¬†Little did I know that this night was going to change my life completely. Amy has always done regular pregnancy tests, just because of the medication that she takes, so I was not worried when she took her regular pee stick to the bathroom.

Five minutes passed and she still hadn’t returned. Maybe she was just doing a poo at the same time, would explain why she was taking so long. I was very wrong though. Amy walked back in the room some time later with a very serious look on her face, and I looked down to see the pee stick in her hand. SHIT. I asked her what was wrong, knowing full well what was coming. I took a look at the test, and was greeted with two red lines.

We weren’t convinced though, there was a definite case of denial initially. This surely couldn’t be happening, we have always been careful and taken precautions. We weren’t living together and I didn’t even have a permanent job at the time. I sent Amy off to do another test. Maybe the test was lying to us, the next one would be truthful surely. Amy came back for a second time, again with pee stick in hand and worried shock on her face. Okay this was starting to get a little more real now. Again, two red lines. Again, denial kicked in. We still couldn’t believe what was in front of us, so Amy sent me off to the shop to buy another box of pregnancy tests.

“Just nipping to the shop!”

I attempted to sneak past Amy’s parents on the way out the front door, I didn’t want my face to give away what was potentially happening, but I must have looked like I was having a mental breakdown, I was as white as a sheet. I was just about to sneak through the door when Dave spotted me.

Me: Just nipping the shop for Amy (realising I had been caught)

Dave: Pick me up some fags from the shop whilst you are there?

I can’t even remember what I said, but my brain was screaming…”DAVE! I’m having a life crisis here!

I must have looked rather odd in the shop, as I walked up to the counter with a box of pregnancy tests and then asked the cashier for a packet of fags too. I bet she thought I was in for a really fun night.

Some time later, I was back with my hysterical girlfriend and our collection of pee sticks. I made Amy do about 3 more before it started to sink in that yeah, we might need to start accepting this now, I think we have made a baby. We both just sat there, not knowing what to say, or what to do. It was clear though that Amy wanted her mum, so we would have to grow some courage and make the long, daunting journey downstairs to break the news. Here goes nothing!

Sorry Dave, I think I’ve Knocked Up Your Daughter

I was terrified walking down the stairs! What on earth were Amy’s parents going to say when we told them? Would they kick me out the house? Shout at us? Break down in tears? Amy walked in first and I followed shortly after, with my tail between my legs looking rather sheepish. I couldn’t bring myself to come all the way in, so I hovered near the door, just so I could make a quick exit if things went badly.

Dave could sense straight away that something was wrong, and asked Amy what it was. Amy dealt with this by launching all 5 pregnancy tests at him, what a way to break the news! I waited for the realisation to sink in and braced myself for the shouting and the tears…but they didn’t come. Instead we were met with Dave laughing and Shirley in complete shock. As the news sunk in, they both explained that these things happen, and that they would look out for us. I experienced a very heartwarming moment the first time Dave and I were alone, as he put his arm around me and told me that everything was going to be okay. Considering my mental state, that was something that I really needed. I think I had survived!

Telling My Parents

The following morning we headed back to my house to break the news to my parents. It was only fair that my mum and dad were told the news as well. Again I was shitting it. I had no idea how my parents were going to react, and I was worried that I would make my mum turn into an emotional hysterical mess.

I was supposed to be at work on this particular day, but I had called in sick to be at home with Amy, so as soon as I walked through the door, the alarm bells in my mums head had started to ring. Rather than blurt it out straight away, I thought the best way to handle the situation would be to sit her down and calmly tell her. Now in this scenario, I’m assuming that most people would guess that there was some big news coming up. My mum decided to think the worst of me and blurted out..

“You’ve been sacked haven’t you?!

“No Mum, I haven’t been sacked!”

“Why else would you not be at work?”

“Well…you are going to be a grandma!”


After some thought, my mum decided that the news was actually quite positive, and not as bad as the idea of me losing my job! I think she was made up, although it would take some time to process.

It was then time to tell my dad, who was too busy messing around in the kitchen making himself a cup of tea to hear the news the first time. He knew there was news coming…

Dad: Have you been sacked?

OMG! Why does everyone seem to think that the only news it could possibly be is that I’m terrible at my job and have been kicked out?! Thanks guys!

I told my dad the news that he was going to be a grandad…for the 7th time! None of the previous 6 are mine, just to clarify! I haven’t been that busy.

So this was it! In 9 months time we would be expecting our first child. I had no idea whether I would be good at being a dad. I guess everyone has that initial feeling when they first find out. We are very lucky though that we have an amazing support network around us and plenty of people that will help us along the way. Shitty nappies, sleepless nights and no more money…here we come!!


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