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How To Plan a Wedding – A Man’s Guide

This is a topic that I did not think I would be blogging on this early in my life. Planning a wedding. That’s real grown up business! Now if you’ve clicked on this blog to gain some valuable information about exactly how to plan a wedding then you may be disappointed. If you’ve clicked on here to hear about a grown man aimlessly making decisions that will later be overruled then this is the place for you!

When I proposed to Amy, I didn’t really think about what was to follow. Obviously I knew that I wanted to marry her, but the thought of actually planning a real life wedding and making real life decisions was terrifying. Where do you even start? My initial questions were ‘what food are we having’ and ‘are we going to have a cake?’ Not really the first thing on the list of priorities.

Now as a man, you have a preconception of how planning a wedding will be. Endless hours sat looking through brochures with your fiance. Going to the shop to pick out your own suit. Deciding on the decorations together. If you think this is what it’s like then you’ve either watched too many movies or you are as delusional as I was. Here’s what really happens…you smile and nod. This is all you have to do. This wedding won’t be planned by the two of you, it will be planned exactly how your fiance wants it and the best thing you can do is just roll with it. “I want a bouncy castle at the wedding”…*smile and nod*. “I want your suit to be navy”…*smile and nod*. “Take off my garter with your teeth in front of the whole guest list”…smile and wait you want me to do what now?!

What’s been planned so far…

The date

The date of the wedding will be the 20th June 2020. If you are reading this then there’s a high possibility that you are on the guest list so write it in your diaries.

The venue

We have decided to get married in the church that Amy’s parents got married in. We are in no way religious. We’ve chosen a church wedding simply because it was the cheapest option. It came at a cost however. These churches don’t just agree to let you hold your wedding there without some sort of suffering in return. You need to prove that you can sit through an hour long church service which consists of singing hymmes and pledging your allegiance to the Almighty Lord. I sulked throughout the whole thing, and I’m not even ashamed of it. A perfectly good Sunday morning wasted! Good news is that they agreed to have us after a few fake smiles and pretending like we enjoyed ourselves.

The wedding party afterwards is going to be held at Alder Root Golf Course which is close by to the church. The initial price for the venue was over £3000 but as we don’t want to have a sit down meal we managed to knock nearly half of the price off. Money that we can now spend making it the most fun wedding ever! We are thinking a bouncy castle (for the kids, although after a few beers maybe a few adults), a doughnut wall, ice cream van, party games. Weddings are a big thing, but some of them are just overly formal. We just want to have a party and have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. That’s what weddings should really be about.

The Dress

“I’m going dress shopping but just to see what styles will suit me. I’m not buying one today”.

A few hours later… “Sooo…I bought a dress”.

Amy bought her wedding dress on the first visit to a wedding dress shop. What woman does that?! I thought women spent months and months trying on endless dresses, becoming frustrated that you can’t find ‘the one’. I haven’t been allowed to see the dress, however most of my closest friends have. By the time the wedding comes round I’ll be the only one who hasn’t seen it. I’ve been promised that I will cry when I see it. No pressure then. If the tears aren’t flowing on the day I’ll just think about the expense that this wedding has cost and that should get the ball rolling.


Who’d have thought that hiring someone to walk around with a camera would be so expensive?! Some of the quotes we were getting were close to a grand. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! Amy wasn’t too impressed with my alternative and much cheaper option of just taking a few selfies. We finally decided on a photographer that wasn’t overly expensive, and his pictures look pretty good.

Wedding Transport

Although Amy’s transport is still to be finalised, my method of getting to the church has been decided for some time, and I’m hoping it will bring a tear to the eye. As many people know, my Dad passed away recently and his pride and joy was always his big blue Transporter Van. Instead of it rotting on the driveway, it was passed on to a family member who has since freshened it up and given it a brand new look. They also named it ‘Dave’ after my Dad. If I tie a few wedding ribbons on the front it will make a perfect vehicle to arrive to my wedding in.


There is still plenty more things to plan before the big day, but the most important parts have been ticked off. I very much doubt that I will be trusted to plan anything at all. That means my only job will be to turn up on the day, which I think I can manage. If anyone would like to share their wedding planning stories then feel free to leave them in the comments section.

planning a wedding

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